Bush Must Keep His Promise on Supreme Court Makeup

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Abortionist Offers Free Abortions to Katrina Victims

Shades of 911 when Planned Parenthood in New York offered free abortions to bereaved pregnant wives of husbands who were killed in the Twin Towers collapse: Now, an abortionist in Little Rock, AR, Jerry Edwards, is offering free abortions to victims of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina.

Edwards already has a gruesome reputation for developing a new technique for killing children before six weeks gestation, earlier than most abortionists will commit abortions—for safety reasons. Edwards was also an early advocate of the lethal French abortion bill, RU 486. Since its approval at least four maternal deaths have been reported in the United States.

We hope nobody takes the good doctor’s offer seriously.

Bush Must Keep His Promise

United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was confirmed by the Senate 78-22 Thursday, gleaning all 55 Republican Votes and 22 Democrat votes, and one Independent vote.

If the two Illinois Senators were anything but abject, blind abortofiles, they could have made the total 80-20. Hopefully we can dump both of our Senators in time.

We hope President George Bush will hold firm to his promise to establish an original intent court that rules by the Constitution and not by blind politics based on a secular wish list. We’d be happy with J. Michael Luttig of Virginia, for instance.. He would be a great compliment to John Roberts. But would he pass muster by the Judicial Committee? Well, did Roberts?

We think he would. Bush shouldn’t be bound to pick a black, or an Hispanic or a woman, just to please his wife and some P.C. folks. Bush should pick the best person for the job and for the country, and not worry about appearances. There is too much of that already. Let Ginsburg get lonely being the only woman on the court. Maybe she’ll quit.

Holland Legalizes Infanticide

Out of Holland—the hold over from the Nazi era of genocide is now expanding its current euthanasia policy by setting guidelines for exterminating newborns with parental consent.

The Netherlands became the first European country to legalize euthanasia for adults in 2001, but why let adults have all the fun. They’re now busily making plans to dip into the younger population.

A story in Friday’s Chicago Sun Times says the latest move is likely to spark an outcry from the Vatican, right-to-life proponents and advocacy groups for the handicapped. No doubt. The child extermination plan will provide a model for other patients who might be mentally ill or elderly.

Don’t travel in Holland.

Euthanasia Case Goes to SCOTUS

Stateside, the Supreme Court is about to hear oral arguments in Gonzales vs. Oregon, the federal government’s challenge to state assisted suicide. Groups like Not Dead Yet have filed briefs arguing that the Oregon assisted suicide law discriminates against people with disabilities.

Diane Coleman of NDY in Forest Park says such laws actually rob one of dignity by suggesting that a sick or old person is a burden who should be helped out of the way. What looks like a choice to die becomes a duty to die.

Schwarzenegger To Veto Gay Marriage Bill

Our hat is slightly tipped to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who had at least the good sense to announce his intention to veto the bill to legalize so-called same-sex marriage in California, saying the issue should be decided by the voters of California.

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