Praise from Cardinal George on League’s 25th

Our hat is off to the 41 stalwarts who came out to protest pro-abortion Illinois States Attorney Lisa Madigan Thursday at St. Ignatius College Prep on Roosevelt Road. Hundreds of attendees to the Women’s Council Awards Dinner saw our graphic signs depicting what Madigan supports dead babies.

Stalwarts Picket St. Ignatius

Madigan voted pro-abortion as a legislator and ran on a ticket toclose crisis pregnancy centers. We passed out hundreds of flyers saying Shame on Ignatius and giving Madigan’s voting record. It featured statements by the Jesuits, the United States Catholic Bishops and John Paul II, making it clear that abortion cannot be tolerated by Catholics.

Most who witnessed our protest were supportive, though we heard grumblings like, Why aren’t you helping out at a shelter?” “Choice isn’t Abortion,” and “They can’t be honoring a pro-abortion speaker here—this is a Catholic School.” Rev. Brian Paulson. S.J., president of the school, said he didn’t know Madigan was speaking until it was too late.

Toward the end of the demonstration it rained, and I wish Wednesday’s crank could have been there. He had snarled, “Why don’t you ever hold demonstrations when it’s raining?” We didn’t see Madigan, but she knew we were there. Maybe next time the ladies pick a speaker they’ll check her abortion record.

Cardinal Praises League on 25th Anniversary

The Sunday after next, October 2, is the Pro-Life Action League’s 25th Anniversary banquet at the Drury Lane in Oakbrook Terrace. Featured guest is Drew Mariani of Relevant Radio, with special guests Fr. Paul Marx, OSB, the Father of the Pro-Life Movement, and Fr. Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life.

In tribute to the League, Cardinal Francis George sent his congratulations and said the League has served as a resource for pro-life activists for the past quarter century and will continue to provide opportunities for pro-life people to proclaim the sanctity of life in word and deed. He said he is confident that many lives have been saved and many hearts changed by the strong witness of the League, its sidewalk counseling programs and peaceful pro-life demonstrations

Cardinal George said he is grateful to us for helping to build a Culture of Life and as the League moves on to the challenges of the next twenty-five years we will be in his prayers. We are happy to have a close relation with the Cardinal and the Archdiocesan Pro-Life Off ice.

Dems Split over Roberts on Committee Vote

We were happy to see Judge John Roberts confirmed 13 to 5 by the Senate Judiciary Committee, even winning the confidence of Democrats Russ Feingold, Herb Kohl and Pat Leahy. We didn’t expect to win over hard-cord pro-aborts Dick Durbin, Charlie Schumer, or Ted Kennedy, but the three votes by liberal Democrats was a stinging defeat for the liberal groups lobbying against Roberts.

The full Senate votes next Thursday. Speculation is now shifting to Sandra Day O’Connor’s replacement. We hope it will be Judge J. Michael Luttig or Edith Jones, though we’d settle for Janice Rogers Brown or Judge Priscilla Owen. We don’t want Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, however.

Europe Is Disappearing

Poor old France. Things have gotten so bad in France that incentives are being offered to encourage couples to have more children by a boost in monthly stipends for parents who take leave to care for a third child to nearly double.

France has a fertility rate of 1.9 chldren per woman, and while the highest in Europe, it is still below replacement level, which is 2.07. The average is 1.5, but lower in Greece, Spain and Italy. Countries like Sweden are disappearing.

Molly Yard Dies at 93

Molly Yard is dead at age 93. Molly was head of the National Organization for Womenin the 80’s. We deposed Molly for our case in 1987, and spent three days hearing her answers. She was an interesting and not alltogether unpleasant lady. We enjoyed her stories about her father’s missionary work in China and her radicalism in the woman’s movement. She was strongly pro-abortion and helped keep Robert Bork off the Supreme Court.

Molly has the right answers now. And may the Lord have mercy on her soul.

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