Protest St. Ignatius Thursday 9/22

If you call Action News before 4 p.m. Wednesday, dash over to Madison and Wacker and join our Forgiveness Truth Tour. We will show only the Jesus picture and hand out brochures informing people that there is forgiveness and reclamation if one repents of abortion. As customary, all signs and brochures will be provided. All we need is you.

Protest St. Ignatius Thursday

Thursday evening at 5 p.m. come to St. Ignatius College Prep at 1076 West Roosevelt Rd. to join our protest against the Women’s Council Awards Dinner keynote speaker, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. Madigan voted consistently pro-abortion as a state legislator.

One of her promises as a candidate for Attorney General was to close down crisis pregnancy centers because they don’t do abortions, and she accepted campaign money from Planned Parenthood, the premier abortion provider in the country.

The Society of Jesus announced on March 25, 2003, that all of God’s children and in particular the most vulnerable and those yet to be born, must be treated with respect and protected by the laws of our nation. The United States Council of Catholic Bishops said last summer that Catholic institutions should not honor those who defy the Church’s fundamental moral principles and should not give them a platform. These suggest support for their actions. Pope John Paul II said during his visit to the United States that if a person’s right to life is violated when he is in his mother’s womb, a blow is stuck at the whole moral order.

We will hand out a brochure with these references in it. If you don’t want to hold a graphic sign, we will also have picket signs denouncing the event, or you may help us hand out flyers.

Good Trends

Cindy Richards in her Sept 21 column in the Bright One heartens us when she points out that there is a specter of our returning to the bad old days of back-alley abortions, that gays aren’t allowed to marry and America is becoming more conservative every day.

We are happy that Cindy noticed these trends. We certainly hope they continue, and we will do all we can to make it happen soon.

Wisenthal and Inspiration to the Pro-Life Movement

Simon Wiesenthal has died at 96. Wiesenthal is called the conscience of the Holocaust for having tracked down more than 1,100 former Nazi and brought them to justice. Justice was his cause, “Justice, not vengeance,” was his motto. He believed the rule of law was essential to democratic government, and gave holocaust survivors a belief that justice could be attained.

We admired Wiesenthal and his 50 year pursuit of justice. Many people do not know it, but our quest is very similar to his—to eventually recover justice in this democracy, and some rule of law. If we don’t stop exterminating our children in abortion we will end up like the Nazis. Unfortunately, we will probably never be able to bring our own Holocaust leaders to trial. They’ll have to wait for that to happen later.

Same Old Abortion Lies in South America

Keep your eyes on South America, where the pro-aborts have got hold of the book of lies used by our own pro-aborts in getting abortion legalized.

You know them all—devout Catholics suddenly seeing the light and heading up efforts to get abortion legalized, thousands and thousands of women dieing from illegal abortions, claiming that abortion is an act of kindness toward a baby who would not be wanted, thousands of women being killed and maimed by illegal abortionists, abortionists using only lethal methods of ending pregnancies, nasty old Catholic Bishops saying abortion is a sin—how dare they!

You get the drift, but to bring it home in splendid rhetoric read Gary Marx’s account, “Abortion fight rages in Columbia” in Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune. Look for lots of non sequiturs, excluded middle, begging the question, contradictory statements. It’s enough to turn your stomach except that you have already seen it a dozen times and your stomach can turn no further.

The sad thing is that it will impress the dumb-dumbs who make the lethal decisions. Apparently South America has to learn the hard way.

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