Pro-Aborts Are Terrified of John Roberts

It has been educational listening to the line of witnesses for and against the confirmation of Judge John Roberts to Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court. Most intriguing were the scared pro-aborts who assume Roberts will set about to overtone Roe v. Wade on his first day on the bench.

Pro-Aborts Terrified of Roberts

While even many conservatives remain unconvinced that Roberts will rule against Roe when a case reaches the high court, the pro-aborts are sure he will, even though they believe it is established law and that women have based their lives on the right to kill their unborn children as a major necessity for their pursuit of happiness.

Consider the messed up value system of some Americans who base their happiness on the invented right to murder their offspring. What a sick society we’ve morphed into.

Gay “Marriage” in Massachusetts

And speaking of sick, the Massachusetts legislature has voted to turn down a constitutional amendment proposal to ban same sex marriage. According to a Chicago Tribune editorial Friday this may signal that Massachusetts is getting comfortable with the idea of “gay marriage,” a sign of a degenerate people if we ever saw one. Sodom and Gomorra got comfortable with sodomy, too, and you recall what happened to them.

But the hot ash hasn’t fallen just yet, and there may still be some hope. The amendment would have banned gay marriage but would have provided for same-sex civil unions. Some in Massachusetts are pushing for an amendment that would ban both, as eleven states so far have done, by recognizing only marriage between a man and a woman.

But the Tribune editor advises that gay marriage buffs need to build up public acceptance of gay marriage, “community by community and state by state.” Did we say sick?

“Continue the Pregnancy”?

But there’s more: Dr. Lauren Streicher warns in her ob/gyn column Friday that even the most foolproof birth control methods often fail with more than half of the three-million annual unintended pregnancies in the U. S. due to contraceptive failure.

Her blasè attitude toward this gross violation of the Divine-Positive law and the laws of nature, is evident with comments like: “If you desire to continue the pregnancy, your doctor should attempt to remove your IUD since 40 to 50 percent of women with an IUD will miscarry, but if you choose to terminate the pregnancy the IUD is usually removed prior to an abortion.”

To a woman who got pregnant while breastfeeding, Doc again casually confides that “If you decide to continue the pregnancy, it is fine to continue nursing.” Ho, hum. Even the headline is cavalier: “Methods to control birth—surprise—can and will fail.” What have we come to?

Circuit Judges Need Prayers

And out in the Nut State the Ninth Circuit has once again drawn a big “X” through the Pledge of Allegiance being recited in public schools because it contains a mention of God. The bright judge who came up with this ruling is U. S. District Judge Lawrence Carlton in San Francisco. Please remember this poor soul in your night prayers. Then say a prayer that his Guardian Angel won’t get a federal judge for his next assignment.

Here in the Seventh Circuit, the Chicago Bar Association awards banquet Thursday featured liberal Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. Stevens is the oldest associate justice on the court at 85, and the only justice who voted against the Pro-Life Action League in the 2003 RICO decision.

Stevens was referred to at the banquet as the “Conscience of the Rehnquist Court.” One of the CBA’s John Paul Stevens Awards went to Seventh Circuit Court Judge Ilana Rovner, who couldn’t agree with the 8-1 Supreme Court decision favoring the League.

Interestingly, Diane Wood, who joined Rovner in her dissent, still lists her affiliation with NOW and Planned Parenthood on her current vita. It all seems kind of appropriate.

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