Pro-Abort Madigan To Speak at St. Ignatius Event

Poor old NARAL Pro-Choice Illinois. What a flop their anti-John Roberts rally in the Federal Plaza turned out to be. It was no rally at all. They couldn’t get their sound hooked up and when members of the Pro-Life Action League arrived before their so-called rally could get underway, they totally lost it.

League Scuttles Pro-Abort Rally

They followed us to the sidewalk even though they had a permit to use the Plaza. They tried to block our signs, but the police told them if we couldn’t use their plaza, they couldn’t stand on “our” sidewalk. Every time a pro-abort tried to block our sign we shouted, “Officer, look!,”and the pro-abort was shooed away.

Our presence at their rally was the whole story. They spent two hours counter-demonstrating against our counter-demonstration. They must have had nothing planned, since all they did was sing inane rhymes that didn’t rhyme.We didn’t go home until all of them had left.

They were their usually anarchistic, socialistic selves, most claiming to be gays and lesbians and using filthy language. We have often said there is noting better for the pro-life activists on the streets than to have the pro-aborts appear to counter us. They look so bad the public is drawn to our side.

Our presence there totally scuttled their rally. It’s hard to believe they had a rally planned.

Flawed Fetal Pain Study

A study out of San Francisco tries to deny scientific evidence that a baby being dismembered in the womb feels pain. The new specious study says the baby doesn’t feel pain until the 29th week of gestation. This lie is supposed to make it easier for women to have first and second and even early third trimester abortions.

The fact is that hundreds of credible doctors put the threshold of fetal pain at least ten weeks earlier than this and some states already have fetal pain laws. The truth is that the abortion crowds could care less whether the baby feels pain or not, so long as they get their money by keeping women happy. When they’re determined to kill, what do they care about the pain of the victim?

What all these sad folks should start thinking about is Christ’s warning that there is a place of fire that will never be quenched, for those who commit unrepented mortal sin. We tried to discuss this fact with members of the crowd at the pretend rally Tuesday, but several said they planned to spend eternity in Hell with all their friends. I reminded them that Hell is eternal and they said that was alright because if we pro-lifers were going to be in Heaven, they’d prefer to be in Hell.

We’ll just continue to pray for them. They told me not to pray for them because that was an insult, and was condescending. I prayed for them, anyway.

ACLU Blocks Abstinence Funding

In Pittsburgh an abstinence-only program for teens that had received $1.2 million in Federal money, has had federal money cut off since the American civil Liberty Union’s Reproductive Freedom Project sued “The Silver Ring Thing” program because it was “too religious.” The abstinence program had encouraged more than 30,000 young people to commit to practicing abstinence after attending a three-hour presentation. They were given a silver ring in pledge of remaining abstinent until marriage.

As we have said many times, the ACLU has got to go. It’s a public menace.

Pro-Abort Madigan To Speak at St. Ignatius

We just received word that Illinois’ militant pro-abortion Attorney Genera, Lisa Madigan, is scheduled to speak at the St. Ignatius College Prep Annual Women’s Council Dinner on September 22. As a state legislator she voted solidly pro-abortion and campaigned for Attorney General on a promise to close down crisis pregnancy centers for not offering abortion.

In 2004 the Catholic Bishops issued a ban on pro-abortion politicians being given a platform to speak at Catholic insititutions. Apparently this means nothing to the powers at St. Ignatius.

Write and tell them to dis-invite Madigan. Be nice, but firm. We will call out the Face the Truth guard if she does indeed speak. E-mail or write Ignatius President Rev. Brian G. Paulson, S.J., St. Ignatius College Prep, 1076 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago, IL 60608.

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