Face the Truth Comes to St. Louis, MO

If you read Action News before 5 p.m. Tuesday, August 23, plan to join us in the Federal Plaza in downtown Chicago to hold large photographs of aborted babies to counter-demonstrate NARAL‘s protest against Judge John Roberts, President George Bush’s nominee for the U. S. Supreme Court.

NARAL recently ran a widely condemned bogus TV ad that tried to link Judge Roberts with violence against abortion mills. Even pro-aborts disclaimed the miserable ploy and NARAL got egg all over its face. Wear your Face the Truth T-shirt. NARAL’S demonstration is scheduled from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.

Frist Justly Under Fire

Poor old Senator Bill Frist is being justly attacked from all quarters for reversing his position on embryonic stem cell research. After defending President Bush’s position condemning the use of live cells to experiment on, Frist turned around and said he supports the research which takes human life, and made no secret about his solid belief that this research does in fact, kill a fellow human being.

Frist’s is the worst kind of betrayal, admitting that his new stand is purely political—the politics of the baby killers who believe that what is useful is good, even if it requires murdering innocent people.

Along with many critics of Frist’s new position, we believe his political career is essentially over. Frist was being groomed for the Presidency in 2008. Most recent attacks on Frist’s decision to support embryonic stem cell research are World Magazine‘s John Dawson and Lynde Langdon and William Cardinal Keeler of Washington, DC.

Face the Truth Comes to St. Louis

The latest city to adopt the Face the Truth Tour method of educating the public to the horror of abortion is St. Louis, MO. Heading up the tour in the Gateway to the West is Elizabeth Dobb, long time pro-life activist, former editor of All About Issues and a director of Crossroads. The tour is this Saturday.

Beckman Nails It

Bill Beckman, Executive Director of the Illinois Right to Life Committee has an excellent letter in Monday’s Chicago Sun-Times on Gov. Rob Blagojevich’s effort to keep teens from getting tattoos because young people don’t have the judgment or perspective to decide on something as permanent as tattooing their skin, a decision they’ll live with and regret for the rest of their lives.

Bill substitutes the word “abortion” for “tattoo” and comes up with something the Governor and all of us should consider outlawing. If teen-tattoos are problematic, how about teens killing their unborn chldren?

Thanks, Bill. We hope Blago reads Monday’s Sun-Times and can understand the comparison you make.

Nothing Comes from Nothing

The old Darwin evolution theory is back in the news as efforts are being made to introduce some logic into public school education by suggesting that there is actually some kind of design to the universe. The new substitute for Creationism is called Intelligent Design and it has the Darwinians in a frenzy.

A question we’ve always had about the emerging of man from the ape is how the evolution happened at exactly the same time for boy apes and girl apes so that you had men and women just in time for the human race to get started, and why aren’t apes still turning into people?

Besides, I don’t have enough faith to believe in a big bang with no one around to light the fuse. As Maria says in The Sound of Music, “Nothing comes from nothing. Nothing ever could.” Sounds reasonable to me.

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