Roberts’ Record Riles Radicals

It is with mixed emotions of deep sadness—and joy—that we announce the death of a faithful, long time volunteer with the Pro-Life Action League and the Tertiaries of St. Francis, Elizabeth Lewis.

Volunteer Elizabeth Will Be Missed

Elizabeth helped us with our bookkeeping at the Illinois Right to Life Committee, Friends for Life and the League. She was prompt and fun and had delightful stories to tell about her 96 years of living. She was already preparing for her hundredth birthday in 2009.

On the last day she was at the office, just a week ago, she assured me that I was not in error when I spelled judgment with an “e,” since she had found it spelled that way in a book. The preferred spelling is without an “e.” This led to a long conversation about changing times and customs and even spelling, for which I am most grateful for since it was to be our last discussion this side of Paradise.

We will all miss Elizabeth. Her wake is at Smith Corcoran Funeral Home, Cicero Ave. at Hiawatha, next to the League at 6160, from 4 to 9 Friday. Use our parking lot. Mass is at Queen of All Saints Basilica at 10 a.m. Saturday, and burial at All Saints Cemetery in Des Plaines. Fr. George Koene will say the Mass.

We ask our Action News callers, wherever you are, to pray for the repose of the soul of this good and holy—and feisty—pro-life activist.

Outrageous Roberts?

Judge John Roberts is now being criticized because he had the temerity to say that a moment of silence in public high schools would not be unconstitutional. Can you imagine anything so awful? The ACLU types have gone mad upon discovering this “atrocity” in Roberts’ writings.

But there is more. He doesn’t think much of comparable worth in which a woman laundry worker should make as much money for folding towels as a male brain surgeon makes for removing a tumor of the brain, or something like that.

And more, Roberts suggested that the Reagan administration write a letter supporting a pro-life group’s “gruesome anti-abortion display” in California. Roberts said the president’s position was that the fetuses were human beings and that “a memorial for them was an appropriate means of calling attention to the abortion tragedy.” This has the ACLU-types spinning like tops. It will be an interesting confirmation hearing.

English Nun versus The Da Vinci Code

Our hat is off to a Roman Catholic nun in Lincoln, England, who is kneeling on the steps of the Lincoln Cathedral because the Dean of the Cathedral, Right Rev. Alec Knight, allowed the Lincoln Cathedral to be used in the filming of a movie based on the heretical book, The Da Vinci Code.

Sister Mary Michael, 61, said that she is concerned about what God thinks of the Cathedral being used in this blasphemous movie, not what the actors and crew think about her protest: “When I face almighty God at my final judgment, as we all will, I can say I did try my best to protest.”

Producers had been barred from filming at Westminster Abbey because the book suggests that the church is covering up the truth about Jesus’ life. Tom Hanks stars in the film.

The film company offered 100,000 pounds to use the Cathedral. Judas only got thirty pieces of silver. Thank heaven for Sr. Mary Michael and Christians like her.

Pope Calls for More Public Crucifixes in Italy

Meanwhile, Pope Benedict XVI is calling for display of crucifixes in Italy’s public buildings, since “God needs to be present in community life.” Some years ago a Muslim activist tried to get crucifixes removed from Italy’s public schools, which has been required in Italy according to a 1924 law, but he failed.

Now the Pope is seeking to extend this sign of belief in all public buildings.

Joliet Cop Gets a Lesson

The League conducted another monthly Face the Truth Tour in Joliet and Orland Park, IL on Wednesday, and found much support from drivers and pedestrians alike. One police officer in Joliet, however, wanted to ban certain signs that were too “gruesome,” and insisted that we needed a permit to show them.

When he called City Hall he discovered that we had the only permit we needed, the First Amendment. We had already told him that. He drove away, better informed than he had been when the day began.

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