Pro-Lifers Lament as Frist Abandons Pro-Life Principles

Pro-lifers were shocked and disappointed by the announcement Friday that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee, has decided to support HR-810, a bill to expand federal financing for embryonic stem cell research.

Frist’s Defection

Frist, a Doctor, had stood with the President’s policy of not funding new stem cell lines if it meant using live embryos. But while still claiming to believe that life begins at conception and that these embryos are living human beings, Frist decided that the President’s policy should be changed.

He said Friday morning that he is still pro-life and believes human life begins at conception. He also believe that an embryo is a nascent, genetically distinct biological, living human being. “To me, this isn’t just a matter of faith, but a fact of science,” he said.

But he also believes embryonic stem cell research should be encouraged and supported.

It is impossible to reconcile Frist’s claim to be pro-life with his decision to support a bill that forces conscientious taxpayers to support killing live human beings in scientific experiments. Even the bill’s supporters admit that successful stem cell treatments are years away.

Frist has forfeited his long-standing pro-life position, and defecting to the enemy will avail him nothing, since President Bush has promised to veto HR 810, which does not have the votes for a veto override in either house. Arlen Specter admits to only 62 votes in the Senate with 67 needed for a override, and the House is even less likely to get an override vote.

We feel sorry for Frist and the so-called pro-life politicians who have “taken the soup” and been been sucked into the child-killing game by deceptive propaganda and pressure.

IPPF Pushes Lethal Abortion Pill

Just who really is concerned for women’s health? Surely not the International Planned Parenthood Federation . While they clamored to get the World Health Organization into approving the lethal French Abortion Pill, RU-486, they still aren’t happy because the pill has a warning label on it.

They don’t want a warning to deter women from using this drug, even though five women have already died from the pill in the U.S. since it was approved by the FDA.

Pro-Lifers Know: Satan Is Real

Several articles in the current Our Sunday Visitor deal with the Devil. Shocking are recent polls indicating that only 35 percent of the general population believe in a Devil, while half of born again Christians believe in the Devil but only 26 percent of Catholics do.

What is tragic is that Christians who discount the Devil do not understand the Gospels. Christ encountered the Devil, drove out devils, warned us to avoid listening to Satan, called Satan the father of lies and a murderer. He told Peter that Satan wanted to sift him like wheat, and Peter later tells Christians to “be sober and watch, because your adversary, the Devil, as a roaring lion, goes about seeking whom he may devour. Whom resist ye, strong in faith.”

If you’ve lost your belief in the Devil, get more active in pro-life. Join us on the streets and in front of the abortion mills. We encounter the Devil on a regular basis.

Benedict: The West Is Weary

Pope Benedict XVI told Italian Priests last week that the Church is dying in Europe, America and Australia, but blossoming in third world countries. While he pointed to the “springtime of faith” in Africa and Asia, he said the West is a world that is tired of its own culture, which has arrived at a time in which they give no evidence of a need for God or Christ, and in which they seem to believe that man alone can make himself.

The Pope acknowledged great concern for divorced and remarried Catholics who have cut themselves off from the Sacraments.

Prayer Warrior Will Be Missed

George Jones, 25-year veteran of the abortion wars in front of Chicago abortion mills, died last week of cancer. George, a devout prayer warrior, will be sorely missed by us all. His wake is at the Jackson Funeral Home, 2701 West 63rd St, Tuesday, August 2, from noon to 1 p.m. George spent many hours before the Blessed Sacrament.

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