Dick Durbin’s Bogus Ethical Standards on Stem Cells

We are back in the office after our sixth two-week Face the Truth Tour. The consensus is that this was the best tour ever. We visited 27 sights, bringing our six-year total to 172 different sites.

We distributed approximately 20,000 pieces of literature. Our graphic pictures were seen by nearly a million people.

Sixth Annual Truth Tour Closes with Success

Response was mixed, but most of our volunteers agree that there was far more positive response this year than negative, and we had more people join our tour than ever before. We also know of several saves along the way. Our high point, however, was in 2003, during which twenty women told us the pictures convinced them to cancel a planned abortion.

Our numbers of volunteers were more consistent this year, fluctuation between forty and seventy at each stop, although at several sights we used all our signs which takes the numbers up to nearly one-hundred.

Our hat is off to all those who participated in any way in this 2005 Face the Truth Tour, certainly including those who were praying for our success and those who provided encouragement, funds and spectacular lunches along the way.

We hope more pro-lifers will join our seventh annual Face the Truth tour next summer, and can take part in some of our one-day monthly tours throughout the year. Check our web at prolifeaction.org.

Durbin’s Fuzzy Ethics

U. S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois backs legislation expanding federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research, according to a Monday Chicago Tribune story. Durbin says it’s possible to support the lethal destruction of human life while meeting the highest ethical standards. The funding bill is likely to come up for a vote in the Senate by August 1.

Jim Dwyer of the Archdiocese of Chicago said, “You’re destroying one life form to potentially help another life form.” Later on in the story the author refers to the embryonic stem cell as “potential life.” It’s an actual life.

Meanwhile, Durbin says, “It’s a tough issue, one where we should draw good, ethical guidelines for the use of this research, but not prohibit it nor close the door to this research and the cures that come from it.”

Durbin wouldn’t know an ethical guideline if it came up to him and bit him on the nose. What kind of freak ethics forces conscientious taxpayers to fund the dissecting of a living human being and distribute his parts—all with a vain promise of finding cures that have never materialized, and probably never will?

Byrne Blasts Blago

As for Rod Blagojevich’s latest antic, sneaking a $10 million dollar state taxpayer gift to the embryonic stem cell crowd, Dennis Byrne writes in Monday’s Chicago Tribune that Gov. Hot Dog is doing it for the PR value and nothing else. But it burns up Byrne to read the double talk while overlooking where the real cures are coming from, adult stem cells.

Byrne has a vested interest in the promising adult stem cell research which is already coming up with cures for such handicaps as deafness—bone stem cells, perfectly moral and highly effective—that are curing deafness. Byrne is deaf in one ear and impaired in the other.

“I take it personally,” he says, “when Gov. Hot Dog lines us up like sympathetic props for his moment in the spotlight.”

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