Face the Truth Tour Report

The League has spent the last three days of Face the Truth in downtown Chicago where we are able to reach thousands of commuters. Each year a theme emerges and this year is no different.

Young Faces on This Year’s Tour

So far this year’s theme is the large number of people, especially young people, who have spontaneously join us or have asked for itineraries in order to join us at a future site. Many are drawn to our new t-shirts design with “Choose Life” printed in large letters on the back.

A group of three alternative-looking teens visiting Chicago asked if they could have t-shirts and literature. They’re going to wear the t-shirts all over Chicago and pass out our literature. We gladly gave them what they wanted.

A student from the School of the Art Institute told us that he is one of the only pro-lifers at the school and that there is considerable pressure to be pro-choice. He said that students are too afraid to even ask about abortion.

A staff member at the Art Institute asked for a t-shirt and said she was going to wear it when she went to work that day.

Counter-Protestors Make Us Look Good

The recent retirement of Sandra Day O’Connor has sent the pro-aborts into a frenzy. They have been out on the streets right along side us this year and they are aggressive. Two pro-aborts have already been arrested—one for spitting on two of our volunteers, a mother and her daughter, and another for grabbing a sign out of the hands of one of the League’s staff members and trying to destroy it.

Although the pro-aborts can be troublesome and even violent, one advantage of their presence is that they make us look good. Their appearance and demeanor are a turn off to the average person. As one commuter stated, referring to the counter-protestors, “I never gave this issue much thought, but after seeing them I’m on your side.”

Thanks for making our job a little easier.

Mayor Daley Sees the Tour

Among the thousands who have seen our display is our very own Mayor Daley. He was spotted this morning by several pro-lifers driving past our graphics pictures. Perhaps he too will have a change of heart. One can always hope.

We encourage you to join the Truth Tour, which goes until July 16. Hearts and minds are being changed.

Life Begins at Conception

All the talk about embryonic stem cell research has made people rethink the morality of in vitro fertilization. Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune had a front page article dealing with the issue. One Catholic woman said she knows she violated the church’s teaching by going through with IVF. She strongly supports stem cell research and she believes abortion should be legal for those who choose it.

But she said she felt morally obligated to the six frozen embryos she and her husband had left behind. Though she dreaded the thought of having a fourth child, she went through with hormone treatment to prepare her womb to receive the embryos. None of the babies survived.

It is obvious that deep down in side everyone knows when life beings—at the moment of conception.

God Grant Her Many Years!

On July 6 Joe and Ann Scheidler welcomed their thirteenth grandchild. Little Mary Macrina was born to Eric and April Scheidler. Eric is the League’s Communications Director.

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