Perfect Timing for a Face the Truth Tour

Wednesday begins the 2005 Face the Truth Tour. All our callers in the Chicago area are invited to join us on the streets to take the awful truth of abortion to the people.

Good Timing for Truth Tour

Abortion is in the news these days, with the resignation of pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, and speculation that she will be replaced by a pro-life Judge. Abortion is the issue on talk radio, in the news magazines and newspapers and on TV. The whole nation alive to the issue.

So now is a most opportune time to take the pictures of abortion out to the public. This is the ancient battle between good and evil. Protecting life is good, abortion is evil—it takes innocent, helpless life. People fighting to keep abortion legal are defending murder. It’s that simple.

Liberals call pro-lifers fanatics and ultra-conservatives, but pro-lifers are merely patriots who believe in this nation’s founding documents that seek what is right and good, not what is merely expedient. We pity those who need abortion and fight to keep it the law of the land. We will fight them until all abortions are once again outlawed.

The Apostolate of the Street

The League heads into two weeks of showing the truth on the streets of Illinois as the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform completes its Midwest “Cities of Refuge” Tour. Greg Cunningham’s group toured fourteen cities in Ohio, and exposed 1.2 million people to the truth of abortion.

Greg got a dozen news stories with headlines like, “Eye Opening Message,” and “Abortion images demonstrated on Main Street.” One woman in Bucyrus, Ohio said the pictures, “made my convictions even stronger. I needed to see the photos in order to know the reality and feel the immense emotion within me, the anger, the disgust that this is allowed to happen.”

Jack Ames just completed a successful truth tour in Maryland and Virginia, and Bob Newman has ongoing tours throughout Pennsylvania. Sunny Turner held a tour in Tucson, AZ.

Meanwhile, four groups of pro-lifers are walking across America talking up a storm at every stop, explaining abortion to unwary Americans, and making converts. This is the apostolate of the street. It isn’t easy, it isn’t always safe, but it has its moments of glory. What all these groups are trying to do is wake Americans up to the reality of the holocaust going on in this country.

People who respect human life aren’t allowed to do this in many countries. Good Germans couldn’t do it in the days of the Holocaust. But we have the freedom in America to go out on the highways and public squares and tell the story of our own holocaust. And we must do it.

This year we are handing out a Face the Truth brochure, “See what abortion really looks like,” explaining the graphics we are holding. “The pictures you are seeing here today are real,” it says.

We know these pictures are disturbing and we realize you may be angry with us for showing them to you today. But if these pictures disturb you, that’s because abortion is disturbing. As these pictures show, every abortion destroys a precious human life.

We’re here today because we believe Americans should face the truth about abortion and the truth is that abortion kills innocent human beings made in the image of God. Since abortion was legalized nationwide in 1973, nearly fifty million children have been destroyed before they were born.

The brochure answers the question, “What if children see these pictures?” Our answer:

Until someone tries to convince a child that abortion is okay, he will know in his heart that it is wrong to take the life of an unborn baby. Children do not want to see other children suffer. Children are naturally pro-life.

We suggest that parents calmly explain to children who see these pictures that we are trying to stop people from hurting babies. When children understand that we are working to protect other children, they are far less likely to be upset by what they see.”

We ask, “Isn’t there a better way?” We reply that “if everyone who values life did something to fight abortion we wouldn’t need to line the streets with these graphic pictures. But so many people remain unaware of the truth about abortion that we have to be here.”

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