False Prophets at the Chicago Sun-Times

An editorial in the Chicago Sun-Times asks morning after pill foes to wake up, abandon morals, and accept the fact that young people are rutting hogs and life has no value. Sun-Times editors have bought the new morality which is the absence of morality.

False Prophets at the Sun-Times

The Sun-Times thinks it’s ok for women to turn their backs on God and pop abortifacients whenever they feel like it. A moral response to the Sun-Times editorial promoting use of emergency contraception might be, “Beware of false prophets.”

Another Sun-Times story Wednesday says 38 percent of Illinois voters support gay marriage and civil unions, and more than half don’t want a constitutional amendment barring same-sex marriage. The survey was taken by a gay rights group that says 48% of voters in their poll support adoption rights for gays. Are half the voters in Illinois sick?

Then in Friday’s Sun-Times, Andrew Greeley goes ballistic on sins against women. We didn’t know the good Father considered so many things to be mortal sins. We’ve rarely heard him use that term, but he uses it plenty in this column. And he has to take a swipe at pro-lifers in his column, saying he’ll like them better when they start fighting for women’s equality. We worry about Greeley.

And a Sun-Times editorial tells us to go see the Lynching Exhibit at the Chicago Historical Society, because, “[I]f the world forgets evil, evil is reborn.” Wonder if the Sun-Times will also urge us to look at the “lynching” of the unborn? We’re not holding our breath.

New Group of Sham Christians

Trying to reclaim their image as Christians, a new group of religious progressives is being formed to try to counter the real Christian movement. They’re called the Christian Alliance for Progress and they support gay rights and abortion. Need we say more?

They call it tolerance and compassion. Real Christians see through such a sham organization. You can’t support baby-killing and sodomy and be a real Christian. Period.

The story on this group in Thursday’s Chicago Tribune, says it remains to be seen how effective the new group will be in influencing the political landscape. Indeed it will be.

Baptists Give Up Boycott

The Southern Baptist Convention after eight years of boycotting the Disney Company has finally put an end to the boycott, even though Disney has not changed their pro-gay policies. The Baptists say their boycott cost Disney millions of dollars but Disney isn’t talking. The boycott encompassed avoidance of Disney theme parks, movies, TV, books and retail items.

Tombstone Lies about Terri

Under the headline, “Lies, Lies and More Lies!” Operation Rescue‘s Troy Newman presents a picture of Terri Schiavo’s grave marker saying Terri died fifteen years ago, when she went into a coma, and that she was finally at peace March 31, 2005, when she apparently died again. That’s when she died of starvation and dehydration at the orders of her husband, Michael.

The stone is not only a lie, but an insult to her fifteen years of suffering. The stone includes the words, “I kept my promise.” Sick.

Two More CLOSED in Florida

Good news out of Florida! Two abortion facilities have closed in that state in the month of June alone. According to Susan Pine of Face Life, WomanCare in West Palm Beach closed for misrepresenting itself, and another WomanCare mill in Cocoa, FL lost its lease when it failed to renew.

Pine is thrilled that there are two less abortion facilities in her state and prays that the director of these mills will turn to God and start helping women. We hope so too.

Reader Responds to Theologian Marin

John Cox of Chicago answers a Sun-Times Commentary by Carol Marin on how Abortion foes should give poor Senator Dick Durbin a break and let him go to Communion even though he supports baby killing. We’ve all been waiting for theologian Marin’s ex cathedra ruling on how the Church is to conduct itself in moral matters, such as allowing Catholic pro-abortion legislators to receive the Body of Christ unworthily.

Cox says Marin’s criticism of American Life League’s ad and Cardinal George’s thoughts on Durbin are misplaced. Yet they are only pointing out Durbin’s hypocrisy and inconsistency, qualities that should not be tolerated in a senator.

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