Black Americans for Life Honor Pro-Life Heroes

On June 2 Ann and I made a quick day-trip to Washington DC to attend an Awards Luncheon sponsored by Black Americans for Life, honoring Dr. Mildred Jefferson, Rev. Dr. Johnny Hunter and Kay James.

Black Americans for Life Luncheon

Black Americans for Life is an outreach of the National Right to Life Committee. The luncheon was in the United States Capitol building, through the sponsorship of Sen. Rick Santorum.

The mission of Black Americans for Life is to encourage African Americans to break the silence regarding the tragedy of abortion in their communities, and to equip them with the facts of this modern day Black genocide. Their national director, Day Gardner, thanked the pro-life leaders for their years of hard work, creativity, and sheer stamina in saving the lives of millions of children.

Dr. Alveda King, a niece of the late Rev. Martin Luther King, was a special guest at the luncheon and sang a medley of Freedom Songs, after leading the gathering in singing the black national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”

Claude A. Allen, assistant to President George Bush for Domestic Policy, was the keynote speaker. Allen recalled a talk he heard some years ago, given by Kay James at a pro-life meeting in Virginia. When she described the impact of abortion on the black family, he realized he had to become involved in educating his race on this evil, to help stem the tide of abortion in their communities.

Kay James also served President Bush, as head of the Office of Personal Management during his first term. Before that she had worked with the NRLC as public Affairs Director, pro-life spokesman and lecturer, and has been active in the development of American public policy for the past 20 years.

Rev. Dr. Johnny Hunter directs LEARN, the Life Education and Resource Network, dedicated to reaching out to the African-American Community. He is a powerful speaker with an electric personality.

Dr. Mildred Jefferson, the first Negro woman graduate of Harvard Medical School, has been awarded twenty-eight honorary degrees by American colleges and universities, and served three terms as president of the NRLC.

Our day in Washington was brief, and we had to leave before the ceremony ended, but we were inspired by the African-American leadership. There is much educating to be done in this area of pro-life, and we congratulated the honorees for their tireless commitment to life.

Pastor Ed Needs Your Help

All across America pro-lifers go out to the abortuaries on Saturdays and some throughout the week, trying, and quite often succeeding, in talking women out of abortions. One of the most effective and lovable leaders is Rev. Ed Martin of Ocala, FL. Ed not only spends five days a week at the mills where he has helped save thousands of babies, but he has trained many counselors.

Presently Ed is in a quandary with a dangerously sick child needing a liver transplant, his wife in an accident that sent her to the hospital, and no car. Yet Ed keeps trying to save more babies, and is currently writing all the pastors in his area to try to get their congregations to come out to the clinics.

If some respond favorably, which he prays they do, Ed will have to spend more time on the road and needs help to get a car. If you’re looking for someone to help in an emergency situation, send a check to Rev. Ed Martin, Rescue America, 2000 NE 51st Place, Ocala, FL 34479. Tell Ed that Joe sent you.

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