Close Link Between Contraception And Abortion

At the Pro-Life Action League we have been discussing the need for a seminar on the relationship between abortion and contraception. Many pro-lifers see a direct connection between abortion and contraception, noting that a contraceptive mentality leads not only to an anti-child mentality, but the anti-child mentality leads to the abortion mentality.

“My contraception failed, and consequently I don’t want this pregnancy and the alternative is abortion.” Abortion becomes logical to this woman. Meanwhile, doctors who would not think of doing a surgical abortion are comfortable prescribing contraceptives, even abortifacients.

Contraception and Abortion

The question becomes critical to those fighting abortion. Can you be truly pro-life and support contraception? Fortunately, we believe many on both sides and in the middle of this controversy would be willing to be represented in such a seminar. They would be willing to discuss this dilemma.

We believe it should be soon, because we cannot continue any longer fighting the battle to end abortion with one arm tied behind our backs. We believe a number of outspoken opponents of abortion would, in a spirit of cooperation, discuss this issue without rancor or hatred in an effort to understand one another.

There would be representatives from all facets of the pro-life movement :anti-abortion organizations taking a neutral stand on contraception, anti-abortion representatives who are just as militantly anti-contraception (such as the League) even anti-abortion/anti-contraception groups who consider natural family planning a form of contraception.

We must gather a multi-mix of ever attitude held by the various pro-life groups who, though all against surgical abortion, are not all anti-contraception or not even opposed to chemical abortions.

We believe this issue must be addressed, and soon, because the militant pro-aborts are soon going to be proposing compromise, and it will appeal to pro-life to agree on contraception as a way to diminish abortion. We believe such a seminar is overdue.

Some pro-lifers we have consulted say it is unnecessary, and will change nobody’s mind on their basic position. Some believe it would be counter-productive and cause factions, while others believe it could help clear the air and present much badly needed information.

The League believes the time has come for such an open discussion and is in the process of planning such an event. We have thought for years that pro-life is trying to fight abortion while ignoring the contraceptive mentality, thus fighting the battle with one are tied behind our backs. We are convinced that pro-life will never win the abortion battle until we fight contraceptives with the same ardor with which we fight surgical abortion.

Some former abortionists who have become pro-life still have no trouble at all prescribing chemical abortifacients. Others who would not prescribe direct abortifacients will have no trouble with condoms and mechanical device to prevent conception. As we say, we believe the time is come for this seminar. Stay tuned.

Catholic Docs and Moral Issues

A recent study shows that Catholic physicians overwhelmingly support birth control pills. 87% of Catholic physicians to 93% of all physicians.

In another area of moral turpitude, 49% of Catholic physicians support the statement “Do you feel homosexuality is morally acceptable as a lifestyle choice?” 45% of Protestants agreed with the statement and 10% of Baptists. 79% of Jewish physicians accept the statement.

On embryonic stem cell research 49% of all physicians support its morality. But in this case only 27% of Catholic doctors approve, 46% of Protestants do, 22% of Baptists support the morality while 75% of Jewish doctors support the practice.

It is a crazy world we are living in. God, the Almighty Father, Creator of the Universe and the future Judge of each of us, is 100 percent against each of these moral travesties against human behavior. Why doesn’t it matter to great numbers of those blessed with the art of healing? Don’t they realize we each must answer to Him in the end?

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