It’s Time To Fight The Courts

We’ll be doing only two Action News reports throughout April and May, due in part because we are working on two books, a new video, holding a national symposium, and getting ready for our major summer Truth Tour.

One Nation, Under the Courts

One of our strategy meetings will be on how to save our nation, which has been totally taken over by the corrupt, rudderless courts. It was clear in the 1960’s when they drove prayer and religion out of the public forum that these godless wonders had a take-over plans up their black sleeves.

In 1973 when they played god and denied the value of each individual human life, their ultimate goal became clearer. As they kept dabbling with removing nativity sets, taking down crosses, denying prayer, banning phrases with the word “God” in them—or any reference to things sacred—it became more and more clear that they were trying hard to get rid of God and therefore his commandments, and any honor being showed to Him, on the premise that if you want to become gods, you simply have to deny the existence of the real God and His Commandments.

Once you’ve done that, you’re free to declare ourselves gods. Then you make up your own commandments, such as thou shall kill the unwanted , thou shall commit sodomy, thou shall bear false witness, thou may have strange gods—like us—before you.

In other words when you are god you can make the laws and people have to obey them because they no longer have any representatives to speak for them, and that’s what the run-away courts have done, are doing and plan to keep doing—unless they’re stopped. They know they are making a laughing stock out of the other two branches of government. As it is now, the courts can with impunity strike down hard fourght laws and override the President’s signature. They can laugh at the people, those nobodies who writes cards and letters and e-mails which they throw away. So in the end we have a Nation Under the Courts, with no liberty and no justice except by coincidence. We are Court- run with its laws that are full of illogic and mere whims. In this nation the courts allow doctors to kill 9-month old pre-born babies at will, allow filthy TV and movies and magazines, try to belittle or remove religion . We have become a nation of the courts, by the courts and for the courts. We might as well dismiss our legislatures, Governors, and President, who are powerless to control the courts.

Time To Fight the Courts

Well, some of us don’t like that arrangement, and while we still have a small voice, we’re going to use it to do what we can to change things around to the way it is supposed to be. Satan already has his kingdom. We don’t need another Hell here in River City.

We’re not even sure how we’re going to go about it, but we know there will be many plans and suggestions and ideas and putting our heads together we may come up with a solution. At least we’re getting stared, or rather, we’re joining those exceptional people who have already begun to fight the Court-ruled Nation, who think when a country can sit around for thirty-two years and watch 47,000,000 of their posterity get slaughtered by a made up law with no roots in the Constitution, and do nothing about it, and when a whole nation can sit and watch a 41-year-old women be starved and dehydrated to death and let it happen because the Courts ordered it, that Nation has no future.

So we will be attending meeting and we will insist on activism as part of the solution to getting the judiciary off the throne. Will it work? I don’t know, but I know I can’t live with myself unless I try. Or nation deserves to be saved.

We Have Lost a Friend

Our file on the illness, death, wake and funeral of Pope John Paul II is now one of our largest files. If you missed anything, stop by and we can probably supply you. For the most part the newspapers and news magazines we read were respectful and somewhat awed by the sheer devotion and love for this great Leader of the Catholic Church. Yes, we got up at 3 a.m. to watch the funeral and hear the magnificent talk by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, and suddenly realized we had lost a friend we will miss for the rest of our lives.

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