National Geographic Shows Us “Life In The Womb”

Thanks to a couple of computer glitches, last week’s Action News Hotlines were posted online a little late. In case you missed them, the Hotlines from Wednesday and Friday are now available.

Hotline History

Action News, originally called just the “Hotline,” was somewhat innovative back in 1974 when I began doing “the news behind the news, the facts behind the biased stories in the newspapers, stories that you would never see in the secular press.”

Also, Action News in the early days was a call to action. We had what we called a “red alert” which notified some three- to five-hundred callers each day (in the early days it was a daily Hotline) that action was needed immediately—a picket, a protest, a lecture to attend.

It was a useful tool in the days before computers, networks, and blogs, and since there were thirty-three activist groups in the Chicago area it would reach those who called and accounted for large turn outs at rapidly scheduled events.

It was a different era in the movement and there was a necessity for an action news line. On several occasions I have questioned Action News callers as to whether this Newsline is still useful. But every time I ask for a vote from my callers I get just enough calls, cards and letters to keep me at the typewriter and on the microphone sending out these messages, which have also been published online since early 2003.

Doing the three-times weekly Action News helps keeps me reading every item relative to the cause of life, watching TV, reading commentaries, magazines, Crisis, First Things, Lay Witness, The Register, Our Sunday Visitor, Catholic New World, World Magazine, Life Advocacy Briefing, National Review and a dozen or more publications.

Planned Parenthood Boycott Is Working

I also read much of the enemy’s junk. More than they know. And it is encouraging to see how nervous they are. For instance, Planned Parenthood is chafing over the loss of $35 million from boycotts.

This encourages those supporting Life Decisions International that has encouraged 111 companies to stop sending donations and grants to Planned Parenthood. President Dough Scott, says the boycott has been successful beyond his wildest expectations. It’s the letters from concerned customers like you that make the difference.

Still on the list being boycotted are Bank of America, Johnson & Johnson, Levi Strauss, Nationwide Insurance, Prudential, Walt Disney and dozens of others.

Man or Mouse?

Here’s a little horror story from Concerned women for America of Illinois. At Stanford University researchers now have the go ahead to create a mouse with human brain cells, under the direction of biologist Irving Weissman.

If the mouse gets too smart—too human—like solving problems and improved memory or other too human-like behavior, Weissman says the experiment will stop. Want to bet?

Many oppose the project, saying the human brain is the seat of the human soul. “Biotechnology is becoming dangerously close to raging out of control,’ writes Wesley Smith in the Weekly Standard.

Order In the Womb

National Geographic has a two-hour special In The Womb, which aired Sunday, and while it is not presently for sale, they may reproduce it if they received enough calls at their toll free number 866-280-3460.

[NOTE: The DVD is now available for purchase!

Dan Gura suggests that you order two copies—one to give to your a pro-abortion friends, if you have any. “It will drive them nuts to see the truth about the miracle of life in such amazing detail.”

One commentary, undoubtedly from a pro-abort, said that unwittingly, National Geographic is cooperating with the pro-life movement to alter the abortion debate by broadcasting this imagery.

Order two copies when it comes out on DVD. That’s toll free 866-280-3460. Do it. If they get enough calls they may put the video on the market. We called. They’re very friendly and glad you like their production.

Keep Fighting for Terri

We have not given up hope for Terri Schiavo. Please at least make one more call to the governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, and ask him t do something to stop her execution by starvation on March 18. Call 850-488-4441.

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