Gay “Catholic” Tells Church To Catch Up With The Times

Happy St. Valentine’s Day. We hope somebody loves you or at least that you love somebody, but best of all we all know God loves us and that makes every day Valentine’s day.

Abortionists Getting Desperate

Are the Abortionists losing ground? Two reports we have received recently suggest that the abortion doctors are a bit desperate.

One call we got was about a young woman who was told by her abortionist that she was about two weeks pregnant and ordered her to get an ultrasound. He then told her that her baby would be abnormal and that she would not want an abnormal baby to take care of so he did an abortion her.

She began to wonder, how in the world he could tell at two weeks if her baby was deformed in any way and she feels that she was forced into an abortion she really didn’t want.

Second story: a call from a young woman in Seattle whose friend went for a late abortion and the abortionist put in the lamanaria. Then the young woman was talked out of the abortion and returned to the doctor to ask him to take the lamanaria out. He told her that he had put it in with hooks on the ends so that it could not be removed without tearing up her insides. She couldn’t believe he would do such a thing so went to a real doctor and the lamanaria was safely removed and she will keep her baby.

Have you ever heard such things? We are investigating both stories but if we know the abortionists, nothing, even such crimes as these, would surprise us. We’ll let you know what we learn about both cases.

Gay Activist Says He’s Good Catholic

Did you read the sad little story in Sunday’s Chicago Sun Times about gay rights activist Rick Garcia and his insistence that he is a good practicing Catholic despite his avid support of gay everything. He had just got ashes before his interview with Debra Pickett and did his interview from Petterino’s which is the new hangout for politicians.

Garcia says he had a full Catholic upbringing and believes in the teachings and traditions and the faith of the Catholic Church, but isn’t obliged to “allow a bunch of pedophile-protecting prelates tell me whether I’m a good Catholic.”

Garcia blames his Catholic upbringing for being such an avid gay-rights leader: he says he was told to fight for his beliefs. Too bad his beliefs aren’t those of the Catholic Church.

Garcia, a self-proclaimed gay, thinks the Church is way behind on its morality and should catch up with the times. Garcia is the one who should catch up with the times and the morality of the Catholic Church.

Sodomy will never be sanctioned by the Catholic church, no matter how the Gracias rant and rave and call the bishops names. It can’t condone grave sin. Sad little story, but so typical for a secular writer.

Perverse Playwright To Speak Notre Dame

Here’s an SOS. On Thursday, Feb. 16 the pro-abortion author of the dirty play we’ll only call The Monologues, Eve Ensler, will be speaking at the University of Notre Dame. She was invited by the Department of Film, TV and Theater, the English Dept., and the Program of Gender Studies. Whatever money they make goes to two pro-abortion groups in South Bend.

What can you do? About all there is time to do now is call Nathan Hatch at the Office of the Provost at 574-631-6631, or email provost@nd.edu.

We’re trying to get someone to challenge Ensler to a debate right after her luncheon talk, if we can’t talk them out of having Ensler there. Say a prayer that we find someone really good to counter Ensler’s immoral stand, but first of all make the call and just say you are opposed to Ensler’s invitation to Notre Dame. You may think it won’t do any good, but do it anyway. After all, it is Lent.

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