Life Of The Party Tour

Hats off to Troy Newman and Operation Rescue on their “Life of the Party” Truth Tour. They took their trucks with graphic pictures of aborted babies to the Inauguration Parade where thousands saw them, to Tampa Bay’s huge Garpirrilla Pirate Festival which draws a million people, they’ll be at the Super Bowl in Jacksonville this weekend, then head to the Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

Troy’s the “Life of the Party”

Troy says he enjoys a party as much as the next guy, but as long as our nation is killing helpless children, he can’t celebrate.

Troy says one advantage of having a fleet of trucks, he doesn’t have to remain one place. In the winter he goes south to events where they reach the maximum viewers. Troy can take a large piece of the credit for the change taking place against abortion in the U. S.

And our brand of Truth Tours, sprouting up all over, can take some credit, too. By being stationery we get to talk to thousands of people walking or driving by, can hand out literature and explain methods of abortion to them.

We support all means of showing the graphic pictures and telling the truth in a well-organized way. Those of us who carry the signs, drive the signs or pull the signs behind airplanes, know we are changing the minds and hearts of many Americans. Dozens have told us on the spot that seeing the graphic pictures made them change their minds about abortion.

Support Illinois SB 188

The Archdiocesan Director, Mary-Louise Kurey, is asking that all pro-lifers in Illinois call their State Senators and urge them to co-sponsor Senate Bill 188 to ban human cloning in Illinois, and to support ADULT stem cell research. You can get your state senator’s number at the General Assembly site or call 312 368-1066 or 312-751-5355.

This is important. The media are mostly ignoring the many positive therapies that have come only through the use of umbilical cord stem cells and adult stem cells, while no therapies have come by use of embryonic stem cells. But those who want to keep experimenting on live human beings have been able to bottled up the truth, and have fooled the pubic into demanding use of live human beings for experimentation.

World Magazine for Feb. 5, has a good article on this issue entitled “Miracle cells.” It interviews doctors who have had great success in curing patients by using adult stem cells, but can’t get any significant funds from the National Institute of Health as it insists on using live embryonic stem cells. Please make the call or sent an e-mail to your state senator.

Surrender To His Will

If you’re feeling low this weekend take some advice from Fr.Walter Ciszek, S.J., who spent twenty-three years in Soviet prisons, but sustained his faith and enthusiasm by knowing it was God’s will for him, and so he accepted his suffering completely.

This acceptance became his greatest joy and source of interior strength. Through all the humiliations and pain, the knowledge that he was fulfilling Gods will dispelled all doubt and desolation. By abandoning himself to God’s will, he knew peace through all those years.

Fr. Ciszek says spiritual freedom of this sort is not attained overnight, but we have to see every new day, every new hour, every new circumstance and situation as an opportunity to exercise and grow in this spiritual freedom. What is required is acceptance and openness to the will of God, rather than merely planning our own mortifications. Eliminate self-will and God will show you His will in the circumstances of your daily life.

This attitude not only helps us serve God, but will encourage others to do the same. After all, the service of God is really all that matters. This resignation helps us practice virtue and sustains us in suffering pain. And it makes us fit instruments to achieve His designs for ourselves and for others. Ponder that a while this weekend.

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