Columnists No Longer Check The Facts

Holy Family House is calling for ten days of prayer and fasting to end abortion, consisting of one full meal and no snacking between meals, and special prayers to the Holy Trinity in reparation for the sin of abortion. The prayer and fast should begin when you get this message.

Columnist Ignores the Facts

One thing pounded into us in journalism school was “get the facts before you write your story, check the facts in your rewrite and again when your story is scheduled to go to print.”

That requirement seems to have been dropped somewhere along the way. We are constantly reading lies and half truths every day in the newspapers. A recent example is Cindy Richards’ column in Wednesday’s Chicago Sun-Times.

It starts with the recent split up of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who are rumored to have irreconcilable differences about having children. “He wants ’em,” Cindy chirps, “she doesn’t.” After solving this problem, Cindy bemoans the fact that there still aren’t enough women on corporate boards, but Cindy’s most dangerous section is when she writes under “News on the reproductive rights front”:

Unsuccessful in its efforts to ban abortions altogether, the Bush administration has come up with yet another way to ensure they are not readily available.

A new federal law makes it legal for hospitals, insurance companies and health plans to refuse to provide or pay for abortion-related services.

It’s not as though abortions were easy to come by without this law. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, 87 percent of U. S. counties — home to one-third of women of child-bearing age — have no abortion provider. One-quarter of women seeking an abortion travel more than 50 miles to reach a provider. Eight per-cent travel more than 100 miles.

The Bush administration . . . also has been fighting to make it harder for women to get access to the ‘morning after’ pill, which prevents a pregnancy from occurring.

A physician panel of the Food and Drug Administration recommended last year the emergency contraceptive known as Plan B be approved for sale without a doctor’s prescription. The administration has refused to make it legal to sell the drug over the counter. The deadline for a decision is Thursday. It’s hard to be optimistic that much will change.

Where’s her research? The “morning after pill” does not just prevent conception. Many women taking it have already become pregnant and the pill kills the baby. Cindy did not check her facts. A new life begins at fertilization, not a week later at implantation.

Even the companies that put out these abortifacient drugs admit, in the small print, that an abortion is one of the effects of these pills. It may be true that 87 percent of the counties in the U. S. don’t have an abortion mill at hand, but maybe a 50 or 100 mile trip to an abotion mill might give her time to think of what she is really about to do: murder her own child.

Cindy should go back to journalism 101 and review the chapter on “Check your facts.” The legislature of Missouri did just that some thirty-five years ago, and learned from eighteen medical text books that pregnancy takes place at fertilization, not at implantation. They voted then not to legalize abortion.

Boycott La Quinta Inn

Operation Rescue headquartered in Wichita KA, and headed by Troy Newman, is calling for a national boycott of all La Quinta Inns, primarily because it is a La Quinta Inn in Wichita, KS that serves as a half-way house for out of town women who come to Wichita to have their abortions at George Tiller’s abortion mill.

A Tiller abortion usually takes three to four days and La Quinta gives special rates for Tiller’ customers during their stay in town. Tiller keeps a medical staff at the hotel to monitor the women as they are going through the abortion process.

Call Butch Cash, President of the La Quinta chain, at 1-800-642-4241 and tell him you’ve joined the national boycott, or fax the La Quinta Inn Wichita Town East Mall, at 316-681-0568. To the attention of Jason Penkacik.

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