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Sunday’s 15th Speak Out Illinois was the best yet. The crowd of 350 was not as large as some years, but the speakers were outstanding.

Great SpeakOut Conference Now on CD

MC John Morales kept a lively commentary going from the inspiring prayer of Bishop Jerome Listecki, through the excellent keynote by Serrin Foster of Feminists for Life and through the evening festivities. Workshop were recorded and are available for the next week or so. Call us for information on how to ordering them, or call the IRLC (312) 422-9300:

  • Vicki Thorn on new physical and psychological consequences of abortion;
  • Mary Anne Hackett on 32 yearsof legal abortion;
  • Doug Scott on Planned Parenthood’s agenda and how to stop them;
  • Abortion and breast cancer and the medical cover-up by Eve Silver ;
  • A panel of women who chose not to have abortions because of pro-life influence;
  • Working with your legislators by Rev. Bob Vandenbosh; and
  • Sandy Rios, recipient of the Life Leadership Award on God’s call to discipleship in saving innocent lives and converting our society.

A Memorial for the Unborn was led by His Eminence Archbishop Job of The Midwest Orthodox Church in America and Tommy Romano. Representatives spoke on behalf of babies killed in abortion and all those involved in abortion. The evening ended with the rousing singing of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Speak Out Illinois 2005 is history, but you can still get it all on tape or CD.

Media Bias Undeniable, Says Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer in the Chicago Tribune says there is no question about the media’s liberal bias. All the polls show it, and they are even starting to admit it. Can they change. Yes, the media were once conservative. But don’t hold your breath.

Bad Popes Henry and Martin

If you listen carefully you can hear the death rattle of the Episcopal Church. While it began falling apart at its inception by Henry VIII by slipping off the Rock of Peter, it now has no rules to speak of.

The Ordination of an active gay Bishop last year was the last straw and even Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said last Thursday’s “sincere regret” from the U.S. branch, with no promise of change, isn’t enough We never thought Henry made a very good Pope.

And now the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is following the Anglican path, with a panel deciding that while the rules shouldn’t be changed to allow gay marriages and a gay and lesbian clergy, nothing will happen if you break the rules, since “the church is not of one mind” on these issues.

We never thought Martin Luther made a very good Pope, either.

The Victims Must Be Seen

Two good arguments for our showing of the grizzly abortion pictures at every opportunity: Debra Picket’s review of “The Untold Story of Emmett Luis Till,” urges her readers to go see the movie and look at the face of this battered, bludgeoned murdered little boy : “Go to the movies tonight and see what his mother wanted to show you. Go see what people thought they could get away with.”

Good thinking Debra. And we’re showing grizzly pictures of aborted babies for the same reason. Tell your readers to look at these.

Secondly, they are reshowing in newspapers all across America the 1963 picture of southern police releasing a dog on black teenager in Birmingham Alabama. That photo helped get civil rights laws passed.

Thanks, Pro-Abortion Media. You didn’t mean to, but you make our argument for us. People have to see the victims of injustice.

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