Reports Continue To Pile In: Abortion Drugs Unsafe

Attend SpeakOut Illinois this Sunday. For information call 312-422-9300. It should be one the best of the 14 already held so far.

Chemical Abortion Under Fire

To fight abortion means to fight every kind of abortion, including chemical abortion, and some families of the victims of chemical abortions also are fighting back. The parents of Holly Patterson are suing Danco Laboratories, the doctors, the abortion mill, and many involved in their daughter’s death from the use of RU 486.

So far the federal Food and Drug Administration, which gave the lethal drug “fast track” approval, has received 676 reports of problems relating to this drug, including 72 cases of blood loss requiring transfusions, seven cases of serious infection and four U.S. deaths.

Illinois “Gay Rights” Law Passes

Gay Rights is back in the news, as both Houses of the Illinois General Assembly passed a law making gay rights a civil right which may not be discriminated against. Renters must rent to gays, businesses and schools must hire gays, perhaps even Catholic Schools will be required to hire gays to teach our children, despite thousands of years of moral doctrine condemning sodomy as gravely sinful.

The Senate approved the measure Monday 30-27 and the House passed it Tuesday 66-51. Gov. Blagojevich is poised to sign it into law. It has no conscience close. It excludes only small businesses of less than 25 workers, and small rentals of five units. Cardinal Francis George fought the measure but to no avail. Catholics voted for it in droves.

Next up, possibly gay marriage in Illinois?

Other Gay News

But not all is rosy for the gays. The Holy Father Monday put lobbying against gay marriage at the top of the Vatican’s agenda for 2005: he will challenge five major immoral issues he calls challenges to life: abortion, cloning, gay marriage, assisted procreation and embryonic stem cell use. With the vicar of Christ working against you, you’re in trouble.

Meanwhile, the U. S. Supreme court steered clear of a dispute over gay adoptions Monday, energizing conservatives who want other sates to copy Florida’s one-of-a-kind ban on gays adoptions.

By refusing to review the Florida law, the justices averted a second showdown over gay rights for two years. In 2000 it bared states from criminalizing sodomy; but Monday’s action dodged the gay issue.

And in a story in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune, Vincent Schodolski presents the clash between Catholic school parents whose children are being taught along with the children of gay couples. With more than half-a-million same sex couples now, and many with children, the problem is on the rise. Some schools deny them admission on the basis of the Church long standing teaching on the intrinsic evil of active homosexuality. Some schools have been accommodating. The problem will only get worse.

New Pro-Life Conscience Law

A law was signed Dec. 8, by President Bush that makes it easier for health care professionals to refuse to perform abortion. Doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and health plans cannot be required to provide for coverage of abortion services. Any state or local government that breaks this new law can lose millions of dollars of federal money for health care, education and unemployment programs. California plans to file a suit to block the law.

Rehnquist Continues To Serve

Chief Justice William Rehnquist, 80, who is slated to swear in President Bush next week, plans to stay on the court for as long as he is able despite thyroid cancer. Pray for this good man. He saw 32 years ago that abortion is not found in the Constitution.

Pro-Life Mass in Chicago 1/15

Mary- Louise Kurey has announced a special pro-life Archdiocesan Mass for Life celebrated by Francis Cardinal George this Saturday, January 15 at 7:15 PM at St. Mary of the Angels Church, 1850 N. Hermitage in Chicago (map). The focus is the 32nd anniversary of the Supreme Court abortion decisions. Mass will be followed by a reception with Cardinal George.

Another Broken Promise from the Pro-Aborts

Recent studies show that despite predictions that easy access to over-the-counter abortifacient contraceptives, would lower the pregnancy rate by at least 50%, the number of pregnancies remain the same — or have slightly increased. Another total flop.

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