Chinese Officials Continue To Forcefully Abort Women

Ann, Julie, Penny and Ralph Kleiner, Judith Dasse and I joined other pro-life activists , members of the Society of the Divine Word and family to say farewell to Fr. Thomas Commons, S.V.D. Tuesday morning at the Holy Spirit Chapel in Techny, IL.

Moving Funeral Mass for Holy Priest

It was a beautiful and touching ceremony with thirty priests concelebrating. Following Mass and singing of the Salve Regina, we were invited for refreshments, during which time we visited Fr. Tom’s younger brother Fr. Pat Commons, a priest of the Diocese of Indianapolis.

Fr. Pat said that his older brother, Fr. Tom, “never told a lie. He always told it like it was, and if you didn’t like the truth, that was your tough luck.” We believe it. There are some people so keenly aware of God’s presence that they would never consider trilling a lie.

We thought that was a nice tribute to his big brother from Fr. Pat — especially since we now live in a society where the lie has become something of an art form. Many individuals have perfected this art form, but none quite so as well as our secular journalists. Their lies and half-truths are masterful.

Just leaf through any newspaper or news magazine and you will uncover so many lies and half-truths and exaggerations that you won’t know what to believe. And it is done so convincingly. One of the more popular forms of media lying is understatement or excluding the essence of the matter being discussed.

Press Calls Forced Abortion “Harsh”

Take this headline for instance, “Birth Control Laws in China remain harsh.” It’s an Associated Press story by Jim Abrams. The birth control laws in China include violent coercion, forced abortions, blatant infanticide — especially of female babies.

Chinese officials have sent women with a second pregnancy to labor camps to do backbreaking work, have deprived them of any means of livelihood and have forced them to abort full-grown babies. Couples who have unsanctioned children are subject to heavy fines, job loss and forced sterilization.

China is experiencing soaring rates of female infanticide, and multiple female suicides. In the Southern Guangdong Province the party secretaries and village heads are told their own salaries will be cut in half if in a 35-day period they did not sterilize 1,369 women, fit 818 with IUDs and perform 163 abortions.

At least the White House under Bush has seen through this injustice and has for the past three years has barred U. S. funds from going to the U. N. Population Fund, charging that the UNFPA’s support of China’s population planning programs allow China to implement its policies of coercive abortion.

But all these outrageous are referred to in the story under the wimpy headline, “Birth Control laws in China Remain Harsh.”

In still another terrible story telling of the dire consequences, including death, of using prescription abortifacients, enough evidence is presented that any sensible health agency would demand that these drugs be removed from the market. But the Food and Drug Administration continues to approve the abortifacients because, even though they either kill or damage women for life, they cause abortion and that makes them ok.

Illegal Abortions in Florida

In Miami, FL, a couple of doctors have been performing abortions without legitimate medical licenses. Although a third degree felony, years went by before anything was done to stop these crimes. After years of performing abortions without a license, one doctor turned himself in, but they can’t find his unlicensed anesthesiologist. No big deal.

There is clearly a double standard where abortion law is concerned. The baby killers get away with murder and the baby savers get tied up in court and sent to jail and pay heavy fines. When you get it figured out, drop us a line.

Many Roe v. Wade Memorials

We are receiving many notices concerning prayer services being held on or near January 22, 2005, to memorialize the Roe v. Wade decision in January, 1973. See our growing list.

Baseball Bat Abortion

To end on a sour note: did you read about 16-year-old Richard Townsend who beat his girlfriend in the stomach with a baseball bat over a two week period to abort their child.

The prosecutor says he can only charge the boyfriend under the law, even though the girl cooperated in the abortion. Sick.

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