Knights of Columbus Annual Pro-Life Dinner Honors and Supports Local Activists

On Saturday, October 15, 2005, St. Mary of the Angels Church in Chicago hosted the Christopher Columbus Council Knights of Columbus Annual Pro-Life Dinner.

Our thanks for this successful event go to Sir Knight Paul Adamowski. Paul coordinated and directed this fundraiser dedicated to supporting pro-life effort of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants and the Pro-Life Action League.

Paul was ably assisted by Sir Knights Tony Mangiaracina, Tom Kaiser (who ran a great raffle) and many other selfless brother Knights. Pro-lifers from all over Chicagoland enjoyed an excellent Italian dinner while a wonderful singer with a voice like Frank Sinatra crooned all the old favorites.

Ten More Reasons to Fight for Life

Twenty Chicago Helpers of God’s Precious Infants prayer warriors and sidewalk counselors attended the dinner and shared the exciting report that a total of ten babies had been saved from abortion that morning at the several Chicago area abortion factilities where the Helpers maintain their pro-life presence. The good news was greeted with a round of applause and hearty cheers. These babies, saved just a few hours before, gave everyone present ten more precious and very concrete reasons to keep on fighting the good fight.

K of C Group

Some of the activists honored by the Knights of Columbus, Oct 15 [Photo by Sir Knight Tom Kaiser]

Dinner was followed by a program of brief but inspiring pro-life talks. Honored guest speakers included Sir Knight Larry Theriault and his wife Marge, the Knights of Columbus Illinois State Council Right to Life Chair Couple; Joseph Scheidler, National Director of the Pro-Life Action League; Mary Strom, Director of the Women’s Center; Laura Nelson, Director of WomanCare Services and Julie McCreevy, Director of the Chicago Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

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Family Reflects on Evening’s Inspiring Talks

“The talks I heard were very inspirational and motivated me to persevere in my pro-life work”, said Linda Rodriguez, mother of eight and steadfast bilingual activist and sidewalk counselor. Linda attended the Knights’ dinner with her husband, Osvaldo, her son Jerry and daughters Rosalinda, Priscilla and Selerina. The whole family eagerly shared their impressions of the evening.

Linda remarked, “I especially was touched by the story about a baby who was saved from abortion by a sidewalk counselor, Jeanette, who, after speaking with the unborn baby’s father for over two hours outside of the abortion clinic, never gave up. She continued trying to persuade the father, even as he walked to his car to drive away.”

Linda retold the story that had inspired her so much. “Over a two hour period, the father had gone into the abortion clinic to retrieve the abortion-bound mother three times, with the encouragement of Jeanette. Each time, the mother refused to reconsider.”

“The defeated father decided that he had had enough and was going to drive around to distract himself for a while. He walked to his car, got in and started the engine, but Jeanette accompanied him to his car and gave him a Miraculous medal, saying to him, Jesus told us, ‘Do not be afraid’. Please take this medal with the image of the Blessed Mother back into the clinic and try to save your baby one more time.’

“The father said he had tried for hours and he was sick of trying. Jeanette had to reach deep down and start persuading the father all over again. After another twenty minutes, he agreed to try one last time and went back inside the clinic, carrying the Miraculous Medal to show to the mother.”

“Five minutes later, Jeanette felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and there was the mom, abortion-bound no longer. She was smiling brightly, offering Jeanette a hug and many thanks as the baby’s father stood proudly by.”

“The entire situation was transformed.” Linda concluded, “This is the power of persevering prayer, and this is the work of the Helpers.”

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“Prayer Is the Force That Moves Everything”

Linda’s husband Osvaldo also commented on the pro-life celebration: “It informed the people as to what the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants actually do outside the clinic. It impressed me to know that you don’t have to counsel the women if that is not your calling, that you can go to the abortion clinic, join the Helpers prayer group and simply pray for the sidewalk counselors, the mothers and their babies. Prayer is the force that moves everything and just about everyone can pray.”

“I also enjoyed Joe’s talk very much”, Osvaldo added. “One point that impressed me was the importance of showing the reality of abortion, but also offering compassion to post-abortive women who may be stunned by the reality of what they have done.”

Eleven-year old Priscilla chimed in, “When I heard about the ten babies that were saved that day, I jumped up and cheered.”

Then the youngest member of the family, nine-year old Selerina piped up, “I really liked it because mothers have babies who look so precious, and they grow up to be nurses and teachers and God sends you to help them, and then you get to see the babies and know they survived. They will thank you and you will say, ‘No problem’.”

What more could anyone say except “Amen”!

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