Helpers Save a Baby through Prayer and Fasting

This article was submitted by Mary, a volunteer for the Chicago Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

We did it again, by the grace of God.

Today an Indian woman, her husband and one-year old son drove into the clinic parking lot to have an abortion. We were unable to speak to them on the way in, but her husband came back out to get the stroller. I called to him and asked if I could give him some information.

He and the baby came over to us and I began to talk to him and show him photos of developing babies and aborted babies. I encouraged him to tell his wife that he could take care of her, their one-year old and the baby on the way. I told him of all the support we could offer him, and explained the work of the Women’s Center and all of the assistance he would find there.

“We Began to Pray”

He went back into the abortion facility to talk to his wife, taking with him the information and photos of the babies. We began to pray the “Memorare” and “Hail Mary.”

After about ten minutes the husband came back out with his wife. We were overjoyed. I introduced them to John, Helen and Barbara who would take them to the Women’s Center. John rode in the car with them while Helen and Barbara drove in front of them to show them the way.

“Thanks to God for Stopping Us”

Before they left, the husband told me, “Thank you, and thanks to God for stopping us from making this mistake.” He asked for my phone number so he could call me if they needed to and I gave it to them.

We had another save on this day and I believe it has to do with praying the whole second hour from the powerful Helpers Prayer Book, as well as the additional graces we have gained from fasting.

Praise to Jesus, the Lord of life!

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