Fr. Tom Euteneuer Offers Spiritual Renewal at Helpers Retreat

On Saturday, July 30, thirty-five Chicago Helpers of God’s Precious Infants sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors gathered for a day of recollection and retreat at Marytown, a Franciscan monastery and retreat center in Libertyville, IL. They gathered in the early afternoon, after spending the morning sidewalk counseling and praying at abortion facilities throughout the area.

The Chicago Helpers were privileged to welcome Fr. Thomas Euteneuer as their retreat master. As president of Human Life International, Father Euteneuer travels throughout the world spreading the Gospel of Life. The gracious gift of Father’s time leading the Helpers retreat was highlighted by the fact that he was to leave the next day on a week-long pro-life mission to Indonesia.

Our Prayers Are “Shafts of Light”

The retreat began in the exquisite Mother of Sorrows Chapel. Through his inspiring meditations, Father encouraged and affirmed the Helpers in their efforts to save babies, likening their prayers to “shafts of light which pierce the darkness inside the abortion clinics.” Father told them, “Send your Guardian Angel to assist the Guardian Angel of the person who is in spiritual danger.”

Fr. Tom

Fr. Euteneuer speaks about Our Lady during the Helpers Retreat, July 30 [Photo by Julie McCreevy]

Father glorified the Precious Blood of Christ, explaining, “the devil cannot penetrate the Precious Blood. In prayer and especially during the elevation of the chalice at Mass, generously apply the Precious Blood to yourself and all who are in need.” Father spoke of Our Lady of Guadalupe as a loving son would of his own mother, in a tender and affectionate portrayal of the goodness and power of our Blessed Mother.

After his meditations, Father heard confessions, then conducted an uplifting and enlightening question and answer session. The Helpers were able to ask Fr. Euteneuer whatever was on their minds regarding the spiritual battle they face in their mission to the unborn. Dinner followed, with Helpers from throughout the region breaking bread together as they met for the first time or renewed old acquaintances.

Pray for Father’s Global Mission

The day of retreat concluded with Mass celebrated by Fr. Euteneuer in the Mother of Sorrows Chapel. After Mass, the Helpers gathered around Father to thank him for the wonderful day. He replied, “Although you thank me, please know that in coming here, I too received many blessings from you, today.”

The Helpers hope Father Euteneuer will be able to lead them again in a future retreat. Please pray for Father and Human Life International as they lead the pro-life battle around the world. And remember to pray for the Helpers, too!

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