Over 100,000 March for Life in D.C.

March for Life 2005

Many “Women deserve better than abortion” signs could be seen during the 2005 March for Life [Photo by EJS]

A massive crowd of at least 100,000 pro-lifers, and perhaps as much as twice that number, marched along the National Mall from the Ellipse to the Supreme Court building on Monday, January 24 in the 32nd Annual March for Life.

The March began a little before 2 o’clock after receiving a message from President Bush, who reiterated his vision of an America “where every child is welcomed in life and protected in law.” In the vanguard of the March a line of teens held the “March for Life” banner, followed by dozens of women holding “I Regret My Abortion” signs.

Signs Emphasize Abortion’s Impact

The marchers were upbeat. Some chanted pro-life slogans, some sang hymns, many carried pro-life signs and banners. One of the most common signs to be seen read “Women deserve better than abortion.” Many teens among the largely youthful masses wore stickers reading, “1/3,” indicating the proportion of their generation annihilated by abortion.

A group of Orthodox Christians for Life processed with icons, singing prayers from the Divine Liturgy. Wherever one walked could be heard the sounds of groups praying the Rosary, block after block. There was even a Face the Truth display, with volunteers passing out information on how pro-lifers can conduct their own local Face the Truth Tours.

Awaiting Justice from the High Court

The March concluded at the Supreme Court, site of the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that stripped unborn Americans of their God-given right to life. League National Director Joe Scheidler recalled his 2002 visit to the court when oral arguments in Scheidler v. NOW were heard. Despite the Court’s 8-1 decision in Scheidler’s favor, he is still awaiting justice, with the case bottlenecked at the appellate court.

Also awaiting justice are the members of the Silent No More campaign, who gathered at the steps of the Supreme Court after the March. They held a press conference with testimonies on the grief and regret they have experienced because of abortion, lamenting the Roe v. Wade decision that has cost them so much.

More and more women are speaking out on how they have been harmed by abortion, and even staunch abortion defenders like Frances Kissling and Hillary Clinton are admitting that abortion has been a tragedy for many women.

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