Pro-Aborts Try To Halt Life-Saving Ultrasounds

3-D Ultrasound Image

Ultrasound centers across the country are facing new opposition from pro-abortion forces. Studies show that women considering abortion who are allowed see ultrasound images of their unborn babies usually decide against abortion. Now abortion advocates are claiming that ultrasound is too risky — too risky for the the babies they want to abort!

Abortion advocates are going so far as to claim that it’s unfair to provide information like an ultrasound that would influence a woman’s decision to abort. And the same people who support abortion on demand, calling it “health case,” are clamoring against ultrasound on demand; they want women to have the choice to abort their unborn babies, but not to see an image of them.

Fetal Fotos Centers Show Beauty of Unborn Babies

One of the centers coming under fire it Fetal Fotos, with centers across the country. The image above is from one of their California centers. For nearly a decade, Fetal Fotos has provided ultrasound images in full compliance with FDA regulations.

Fetal Fotos is fighting the move by pro-abortion forces to limit women’s access to ultrasound. In a recent press release, Dana Serrano, President of Women’s Resource Network comments, “I don’t see how providing women with all the facts before she makes a choice could possibly be wrong.”

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