Final 2004 Truth Day Targets Fay Clayton Award

FTT at Wrigley Bldg

Noel Naughton holds both a Malachi and a “Perjury?” sign outside the Wrigley Building [Photo by EJS]

Three dozen pro-life activists gathered in unseasonably warm weather outside the Wrigley Building Thursday, Nov. 18 for the final Face the Truth Day of the year. The site was chosen to coincide with an award being given to NOW attorney Fay Clayton at the 410 Club inside.

Fay Clayton Beholds the Truth

Our group was spread out along the east side of Michigan Avenue with their signs in full view as guests began to arrive for the event — including Fay Clayton herself, who exited a cab right in the middle of the display. She quickly darted past the protest and into the Wrigley Building.

Clayton Exits Taxi

Fay Clayton exits taxi beside Truth display [Photo by Nate Scheidler]

In addition to large, graphic abortion signs, many volunteers held small “8-1 Victory” signs from last year’s Supreme Court victory celebration, reminding Clayton of her loss before the high court in Scheidler v. NOW. Other protestors held the “Perjury?” signs, which feature Clayton’s face.

Even aside from the opportunity to protest the luncheon for Clayton, we appreciated the high volume of foot traffic at this site, and plan to add it to our Truth Day schedule next year.

Loop Pedestrians Face the Truth

Next we moved a few blocks away to Madison Street, between Clark and LaSalle, another heavily-trafficked spot. Hundreds of lunchtime pedestrians saw our signs and we distributed hundreds of copies of the “Sing a Little Louder” flyer.

FTT at St Peter's

Liza Scheidler holds a Jesus sign outside St. Peter’s Church (note crucifix in background) [Photo by EJS]

This site featured a long row of Jesus signs in front of St. Peter’s Church, an appropriate spot with it’s own graphic depiction of innocent death in the form of a giant crucifix facing the street. Thankfully we had no complaints from the Franciscan friars who run St. Peter’s. Recently the pastor called police to stop a pro-lifer from distributing Catholic voter guides before this year’s election.

Two pro-abortion counter-protestors showed up with an anarchist flag, one of whom we suspected was the masked attacker who splattered Joe and Eric Scheidler with black vegetable dye during the Apr. 7 Campus Truth Tour.

Face the Truth will resume next spring, with monthly Truth Days leading up to the major “Summer Blitz” Truth Tour, July 6-16, 2005.

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