Counter-Protest Fizzles on 9/22 Truth Day

FTT at Daley Plaza

Powerful Display at Daley Plaza [Photo by EJS]

Shortly before the League’s second Fall Truth Day, we received word that the same group of pro-abort thugs that disrupted our Campus Truth Tour in the Spring were calling for a counter-protest. We contacted the police, powered up our video cameras and arranged for our lawyer to be available during our two sites downtown.

Lonely Pro-Abort

Lone Pro-Abort on Washington [Photo by EJS]

Lonely Pro-Abort Attempts Counter-Protest

In the event, a lone pro-abort showed up at our first site at Daley Plaza during lunchtime. She came late, held her crude little florescent pink sign across the street on Washington for a while, and then left early. There were no counter-protesters at the afternoon site at Adams Street and Wacker Drive.

Meanwhile our powerful display at Daley Plaza reached hundreds of lunchtime pedestrians and drivers. Public response was more positive than negative, with the exception of a man who chucked a cup of iced tea at the back of nine-year-old Kyle Cramblit, who was holding a sign with his mother, Nancy.

Tour Brings Out Abortion Regrets

A man approached Joan McCarthy, who was holding a Life sign outside the County Building on Clark Street, and said, “I wish you’d been here before I made the mistake.” He told her that he and his girlfriend decided to abort their baby and he had regretted the decision every day since.

FTT on Adams at Wacker

Truth Tour proclaim’s Christ’s forgiveness on Adams Street [Photo by EJS]

At Adams and Wacker later in the aftenoon, a young woman approached Luann Bloom in tears after standing and watching the Tour for a while. She told Luann that her parents had forced her to have an abortion when she was sixteen, and she regretted it deeply.

When a man passing by angrily said to Luann, “How dare you?” the young woman began to defend what Luann was doing. Luann let her hold her sign for a while so that she could be part of the Tour, and gave her information on Project Rachel, a program for post-abortion healing.

Julie McCreevy gave Project Rachel information to another young woman who had decided against abortion herself, but whose friend was suffering terribly from three abortions in the course of one year.

Joe on Adams

Joe Scheidler on Adams [Photo by EJS]

Man Boasts Grandmother Aborted Herself

Julie had a less hopeful encounter with a middle-aged man who stopped to tell her about his “sainted grandmother.” During the depression, his grandmother, a registered nurse, performed several abortions on herself. His own mother was an only child. He was extremely proud of her, and told Julie he didn’t miss having aunts and uncles.

Forty faithful volunteers joined us, including Jim Finnegan whose 70th birthday we celebrated at the close of our Daley Plaza site. Our next Truth Day will be October 20.

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