League Pickets New Abortion Mill in Des Plaines, IL

Scheidler Kids at Des Plaines Picket

Eric Scheidler and kids alert passers-by that there’s an abortionist in their neighborhood [Photo by Pat Morris]

On Saturday, Nov. 13, the Pro-Life Action League led fifty activists in an “Old-Time Picket” at the new location of notorious abortionist Jan Barton’s Des Plaines abortion mill. The American Women’s Medical Center moved earlier in the year from another location in Des Plaines.

Our group held signs reading “Stop Abortion Now,” along with large graphic signs of first and second trimester abortions. Three large arrow-shaped “Abortionist” signs alerted passers-by to the fact that there is an abortionist operating in their neighborhood.

Des Plaines Picket

Chuck Bacon heads the line of picketers across the street from the abortion mill [Photo by EJS]

Mill Forced Out of Old Site

In February of this year, the abortion mill was forced out of their previous location by the building owners, who along with nearby businesses objected to having an abortion facility on the property. Sidewalk counselors at the old site were responsible for bringing the abortion mill to the attention of the the local community.

The former site was across the street from Main East High School. The move makes it somewhat more difficult for abortionist Barton to prey on desperate teens.

Picketers Witness the Value of Aborted Babies’ Lives

Des Plaines Picket

Picketers on the greenway outside American Women’s Medical Center [Photo by EJS]

Though few clients drove into the abortion mill lot while the group was there, a dozen cars were already there when we arrived. Several picketers saw heart-breaking scenes in some of the cars leaving the clinic, clearly after abortions had taken place. To our knowledge no babies were saved while we were at the mill.

Before offering a final prayer, League National Director Joe Scheidler told the pro-life group that even when babies are not saved, it’s important for us to be out at the abortion mills. “We want God to know that we care about these babies,” Scheidler said. “We don’t want them to die without anyone ever saying that their lives have value.”

The event was billed as an “Old-Time Picket” because pickets of this type were much more common in previous decades. The pro-life presence at abortion mills is now predominately small groups counseling and praying. The occasional picket by a larger group calls greater community attention to the presence of an abortion mill.

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