Join the Monthly Abortion Protest at Lutheran General

Hear No Evil Postcard

A creative postcard recruits Lutheran General abortion protesters

A group of area pro-lifers led by Dan Gura and Jim Finnegan, are calling on concerned citizens to join their ongoing protest of abortions at Lutheran General Hospital. Lutheran General performs abortions through the second trimester of pregnancy, including the diabolical “live birth abortion,” whereby babies are prematurely induced and die shortly after being born.

Lutheran General Protest

Pro-lifers protest abortion at Lutheran General

A hospital official contacted by Gura, avoiding the word “abortion” when talking about hospital policy, claimed that they only perform “procedures,” after review by a committee, for the sake of the mother’s physical or pyschological health. Gura’s repeated requests for a copy of the guidelines by which the hospital makes these life-and-death decisions were ignored.

Activists have sent out hundreds of creative postcards to residents in the vacinity of Lutheran General, featuring an image of the “See no evil” ape. The cards invite residents to respond to the evil they have heard about by joining the group’s protests on the second Saturday of each month from Noon to 2 p.m., at 1775 Dempster St. in Park Ridge (map). The next protest is Saturday, May 8.

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