Catholic University Honors Pro-Abort Madigan

Try to join our picket of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan this Saturday, Oct. 30., at the Westin Chicago River North Hotel, 320 N. Dearborn St., at 5:30 p.m. and lasting until 7:00 p.m. when all the guests are in.

Picket’s Main Taget is Loyola U

This isn’t just a picket against a pro-abortion Catholic politician. It is also a protest of a Catholic University, Loyola, the largest Catholic University in the U. S., manned by Jesuits, members of the Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola, and the award is named for another one of their great saints, Robert Bellarmine, a true Catholic and a brilliant lawyer.

Madigan, a graduate of Loyola, more or less bought the award by getting some multi-million dollar grant for the University, so this travesty is a kind of pay-off.

Don’t miss this one for the world! It is a wonderful opportunity for us to educate a pro-abortion Catholic politician, a so-called Catholics institution of higher learning, as well as the unwary public who will be passing by. Traitors to their religion, the natural law and human decency should not receive honors from religious institutions like the Loyola University School of Law. Please do not bring your own signs: we will have plenty of appropriate signs available.

Incidentally, this is the same bunch who advertised in their law bulletin for Loyola students to join in helping NOW try to defeat Scheidler in the law suit against us. When we asked for our own free ad for help from Loyola Law students, an apology from the Law School and a promise from the Law School not to repeat this travesty, we were in so many works to go fly a kite.

We picketed the Law School, right under their Latin motto, ad majorem Dei gloriam, with over a hundred stalwarts. They would not meet with us, would grant no apology, give us no help from their law school, and make no promise not to do it again. So a St. Robert Bellarmine Award to a pro-abort Politician does not surprise use one bit.

Catholic Faculty Support Pro-Abort Kerry

Loyola isn’t the only Catholic university supporting pro-abortion politicians — not by a long shot. The Cardinal Newman Society reports that political donations by Catholic University employees to the presidential candidates run 9 to 1 in favor of Kerry. The ten leading Catholic university professors gave $196,025 to support Sen. John Kerry and only $21,000 to Bush:

  • Georgetown: $117,000 to Kerry, $7,000 to Bush
  • Boston College: $17,000 to Kerry, none to Bush
  • DePaul: $8,000 Kerry, $250 Bush
  • Fordham: $19,500 Kerry, $4,000 Bush
  • Loyola of Chicago: $ 6,300 Kerry, $700 Bush
  • Marquette $1,200 to each candidate
  • St. Johns in New York: $2,500 Kerry $750 Bush
  • St. Louis U.: $7,750 Kerry, $3,500 Bush; and
  • Notre Dame: $15,000 Kerry, Bush $3,600.

All but one or two of those in administrative positions gave money to the Kerry campaign

Vote Pro-Life Tuesday

Vote for pro-life candidates Tuesday. If you know anyone planning to vote for a pro-abort John Kerry, tell him he’s voting to keep abortion legal far into the next generation and beyond, and that he better have a really convincing argument ready for Judgment Day.

In Arizona recently Kerry told a crowd, “I you just needed three words of motivation, you want ’em? The Supreme Court.” Figure that one out.

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