Rewarding Trip To Lourdes

Ann and I returned Tuesday from a week at Lourdes on Pilgrimage with twenty others from parishes mostly in the Chicago area, though some were from out of state. While at Lourdes we joined the precessions, one evening carrying the pro-life banner in procession and on three nights Ann and I joined the choir at the crypt during the Rosary.

Moving Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Lourdes is a very spiritual place to be, and those who have been there know what I mean. The spirit of prayer is overwhelming. And there were many signs of the Holy Father’s recent visit, all throughout the grounds and decorating the town’s streets. Outside the grounds, however, there are a million shops, most of which we resisted except for some containers for the Lourdes water, following many requests.

The most touching experience is simply seeing the love displayed over and over by those who assist the sick and crippled who come to Lourdes to be healed in body and mind and soul, or to gain the grace to accept their suffering if it is not God’s plan to relieved them of it. It was truly a wonderful week.

Schiavo Case Continues

As John Jansen mentioned on Monday’s Action News Hotline, the lawyers for Terri Schiavo, whose husband Michael wants her feeding tube removed again, have brought a statement of Pope John Paul II into their argument. Last March the Holy Father reiterated the Church’s stand that a person in a persistent vegetative state still maintains the right to basic health care, and that such care includes nutrition and hydration.

It would constitute a grave sin to discontinue such care. Schiavo’s parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, have fought for many years to keep Terri alive, but her husband’s attorney says the statement by the Pope is not sufficient reason for taking the case back to court. We shall see.

A Young Mother’s Thanks

Here’s a typical note from a young woman who made the right decision with our support:

I was blessed with my daughter, Kody, on Sept. 12 at 3:44 PM. She was born 7 pounds 9 ounces and 21 inches long! She is healthy and beautiful as ever! So glad I made the right choice, and can’t believe I ever hesitated about doing so. I’m reaping the benefits. There is no feeling like this. I’ve never loved so much in my life. She brings so much happiness to my family and me. I’m so blessed. Thank you for your support! Keep up the awesome work! God Bless. Nicole.

Makes all the insults and carping worth while, doesn’t it?

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