Court Strikes Down Terri’s Law

Sorry, but we have no report on Steve Peroutka’s gala annual Pro-Life Appreciation Dinner in Maryland on this Action News Hotline. Ann, Eric and I boarded United Flight 1236 at 2 p.m., a half hour late, took off a half-hour later, flew over Lake Michigan, then turned around and went back to O’Hare.

We got on another plane at 4 p.m., barely time to make the party, sat on the tarmac for forty minutes, when the plane returned to the gate to let off a sick woman. It was now 5 p.m. — 6 p.m. in Baltimore. With deplaning, a shuttle to our hotel, and getting out to the banquet facing us, we figured we’d just get there in time to say good-night. So we got off with the sick woman.

When we called Steve to related our gallant efforts, he suggested having a cocktail and said he appreciated our effort, and would have fun telling his guests of our travel travail. Steve’s a great story teller –he probably had the crowd in stitches!

Reality in the Air

Here’s a bit of good news: US Airway flights are going to be featuring Project Reality as part of their in-flight audio program beginning this fall. Project Reality, in case you don’t know, is a Glenview, IL based chastity program begun in 1985 by the incomparable Kathleen Sullivan and carried on now by Libby Gray. In 2003-2004 alone Project Reality reached 80,000 students in 420 schools in Illinois.

The chastity program is part of US Airways Health Report on their Newsdesk on Air Channel. The segment will be heard by some three million listeners in-flight. Libby Gray will share her insights on abstinence education and how successful these programs have been in helping teens. If you fly US Air this fall tune in to Health Report. You can hear the program right now on Sky Radio (see link under Newsdesk).

Florida Court Strikes Down Terri’s Law

Meanwhile, the Florida Supreme Court has reversed the law that has been keeping Terri Schiavo alive. Terri is on a feeding tube that the court has already had removed once for six days, but Terri’s Law was hastily passed and signed by Gov. Jeb Bush. The seven-member court unanimously said that Bush and the lawmakers improperly tried to pull an end run around the court system.

The court system, which can do anything it wants, doesn’t like it when lawmakers and governors try to do something the court doesn’t like, as we have noticed time and again. However, no plans are being made to remove Terri’s feeding tube until the ruling becomes final, and Bush’s attorneys are expected to ask for a rehearing.

Terri’s husband, Mike Schiavo is happy with the ruling while Terri’s parents find the court ruling disappointing and troubling.

Lone Pro-Abort on September Truth Day

Our September Face the Truth Day brought out about forty sign-holders, leafletters and organizers to take the graphic pictures to Daley Plaza and Wacker and Adams. Only one lone pro-abort showed up with a pink sign, even though a call had been put out for the aborts to gather. Far more people this time gave us a thumbs up and thanked us than opposed us. Plan to join our next Truth Day on Wednesday, October 20th.

Summer Action News in the Mail

You will be getting our recent Action News soon and we urge you to read it through. There is certainly much action in it, and we urge you on page 8 to pass your copy on to another activist pro-lifer. You will note that this is our first issue with every picture and many of the headlines in full color.

We also can use donations, since putting out this quarterly issue is extremely expensive — but very necessary to keep you in touch with our baby-saving activities. So after you’ve read it through and through, give your copy to a RICH activist friend, while you’re at it.

Bishops Showing Some Spine

Keep your eyes open. Little by little the Catholic Bishops are beginning to follow the real faithful leaders in the hierarchy who are following the teachings of Christ, the councils and canon law. We still believe in the grace of Office, and as bad as some of the bishops have resisted this grace, we believe most will come back to the true teachings of Christ and His Church before they die. We already have ten or twelve, and that’s a good start.

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