Judge Laments Roe Decision, But Cannot Change It

We will be in Baltimore Thursday for Steve Peroutka’s Third Annual Pro-Life Appreciation Dinner honoring Dr. Jack and Barbara Willke for their years of educating people worldwide on fetal development and abortion. Most old-time pro-lifers cut their teeth on the Willke’s Handbook on Abortion and their graphic slide presentation. See the Action News Hotline Friday for a full report.

Half Day, Full Truth

As I record this message I am about to head down to the Daley Plaza for our September Truth Day. Since it starts at noon it is actually a Half-Truth Day but we don’t tell half-truths but all the truth, that abortion kills a living child and ruins a woman’s life, not to mention all those others involved in the abortion.

Our Truth Tours are about a very basic truth — abortion kills. If you can join us at Wacker and Adams at 3:00 p.m. to catch the train crowd, please feel compelled to do so.

Kerry Losing Women’s Vote

Stories abound that what John Kerry thought was a sure constituency, the women’s vote, is losing faith in him. Even Gloria Feldt of Planned Parenthood , who calls George Bush the commander in chief of a war on choice, says Kerry needs to smoke Bush out and needs to advance his own agenda.

Still others complain that Kerry has been shying away from his promotion of support for abortion for fear of alienating swing voters, and has even emphasized his personal opposition to abortion and has said he believes human life begins at conception. Thus, his ten-point August lead among women is down to five points in September, while married women back bush by eleven points.

Backlash Against Activist Judges

A backlash against Federal Judges who have declared the Congress-passed, and President-signed Partial Birth Abortion Ban has already begun. There is now a resolution in Missouri calling on Congress to impeach federal District Judge Scott Wright on grounds of improper judicial activism.

The targeted judge says he is pro-choice and believes a woman has a right to abortion, but his opponents point out that the Constitution he is supposed to uphold says in both the Fifth and the Fourteenth Amendments that people in America may not be “deprived of life . . . without due process of law.” Watch for similar actions to be taken against other judges.

Theologian Hughes on Communion Issue

Professor Terrence Hughes of the University of Maine has told his bishop, Richard J. Malone, that priests should not give communion to politicians who support abortion, and that while the Bishop talks the talk he does not walk the walk by denying them communion.

Hughes is a real fighter and has written many excellent articles on this and other travesties going on in Maine and across the country. Hughes is a prolific writer and a sound theologian.

Judge Laments Roe Decision

Even though Norma McCorvey’s case attempting to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision was dismissed by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, dissenting Judge Edith Jones called the Roe decision an exercise of raw judicial power and lamented that the case was moot, thus preventing McCorvey’s evidence from being heard. Jones said that if courts would only delve into the facts underlying Roe’s balancing scheme with present-day knowledge, they might conclude that a woman’s choice is far more risky and less beneficial and that the child’s sentience far more advanced, than the Roe Court knew.

McCorvey’s case included 5,437 pages of evidence with affidavits from more than one-thousand women testifying that having an abortion has had devastating emotional, physical and psychological effects on their lives. Jones said the perverse result of the Court’s adjudication of this fundamental social policy, affecting over a million woman and unborn babies each year, is that the facts no longer matter. She says the Court’s constitutional decision-making leaves our nation in a position of willful blindness to evolving knowledge.

This should trouble any dispassionate observer, not only about abortion but about other areas in which the court unhesitatingly steps into the realm of social policy under the guise of constitutional adjudication. Edith Jones should have been on the Supreme Court years ago.

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