Conversations During The Truth Day

Wednesday’s Face the Truth Tour was a roaring success. Starting with coffee and donuts at the site, fifty stalwarts lined up along Wacker and Madison to hold the large signs showing what abortion does to a baby. We also handed out hundreds of leaflets explaining why we have to hold Truth Tours. One group gathered in a circle and prayed.

Great Truth Day Wednesday

Despite the usual insults and foul words and intentional bumping into our sings, there were many “thank you”‘ and “God bless you,” and people wanting to join the next tour.

One young woman, Sheila, who had thought she was “pro-choice,” saw our signs recently in Rolling Meadows and decided to ask what we were doing. She then joined that tour and brought her sister. Sheila came back today with her baby. Her husband had to work, but said she should go.

One man spoke with us for about an hour and said that while he disagrees with our position, he admires our willingness to fight for our belief in an aggressive and impressive way.

While being interviewed by a young woman named Heather, for a story on protest movements, just about everything we were discussing happened: thumbs up, honks for life, shouts of “You’re emotionally disturbed” and worse. One man yelled “Get a life, white boy.” I was delighted to be called a boy.

Ann Responds to Truth Tour Objections

As to complaints that children might see these signs, my wife Ann recently e-mailed a complainer who has done truth tours out East, but has quit. He knows the pictures are powerful, but thinks children should not see them. Ann’s answer is so good I repeat it here:

Every time I go out on the street with the large graphic photos of aborted babies, I am renewed in my commitment to showing the truth to everyone.

During this past summer’s tour we had an unprecedented number of passers-by stop and join us, thank us for being there, share their stories of choosing life instead of abortion. I know we have to do it.

I also firmly believe that it does not harm and probably, in fact, benefits children to see the pictures. They will forever connect the concept of abortion with the picture of a dead baby — not an undifferentiated piece of tissue or glob of cells. They will know that abortion kills a baby. And if they ever have to face that choice, they will be turned off by the thought of abortion.

One young man who joined our Tour told us that when he was in eighth grade a pro-life group was demonstrating and distributing literature outside his school. He looked out the window and saw the Malachi picture. Eight years later when he got a girl pregnant, he remembered that picture and knew that abortion was not an option.

He now has a three-year-old daughter because he saw the picture of an aborted baby and helped his pregnant girlfriend choose life for their baby. That one child alone is worth all the negative responses any of us has gotten.

But we know it’s not an isolated story. There are many others. And there are more babies to be saved.

Thanks for sharing your concerns, but I know in my heart we are doing the right thing. I hope your thinking on the subject will continue to evolve and that you can bring yourself to support this important work.

Ann is right: even children need to know what abortion is, because they don’t stay children forever, and they may only get the truth they’ll someday need from those of us who have been called to the” Face the Truth” mission of the pro-life movement. Also, we cannot forget that babies are saved on the spot because of these pictures, as many as twenty on last summer’s tour alone.

Fourteen Babies Saved This Week

Also, so far this week we have had fourteen saves at the abortion mills, thanks to the League’s branch of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants and other pro-life sidewalk counselors, and the week’s only half over. Our hat is off to all those who are out fighting the good fight for the lives of “the least of His brethren.”

Other News Items

In Dublin, Ireland, thirty members of Youth Defence protested Bill Clinton’s book signing. Many left the line and did not buy Clinton’s book when they learned his pro-abortion stand.

Ron Galloy of New York tells us a limo driver was fired after asking Planned Parenthood’s Gloria Feldt if she thinks she is right on abortion. She told him to drive, not talk. His job was terminated the next day.

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