Illinois Voters Don’t Care About Abortion

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Doesn’t Abortion Matter to Illinois Voters?

Polls show that Illinois voters don’t make abortion their main issue. A front page horror story in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune says U.S. Senate Candidate Barack Obama holds a 41 point lead over Alan Keyes. The TribuneWGN poll involving 700 possible voters says 96 % of blacks favor Obama over Keyes and that Obama has the Independent vote.

The Tribune says that while Keyes’ running is a triumph for the far right — who have long argued that the Republican power structure in Illinois has become too moderate — his brand of unbending, religion-based conservatism is an affront to moderate conservatism that accepts abortion and gay rights. The Tribune says:

One telling indicator may involve abortion.

Keyes has made opposition to abortion a centerpiece of his campaign, forcefully decrying it as a sin and equating abortion rights advocates like Obama to slaveholders. But the [Tribune] survey found that only 28 percent of Illinois voters want to see restrictions on abortion tightened, while 61 percent either liked the status quo or think restrictions should be loosened. . . .

Even among those who wanted more restrictions on abortion said they supported the election of Obama, compared with 45 percent who favor Keyes. . . .

Voters who describe themselves as very conservative [13 percent of total voters] favor [Keyes] over Obama 55 percent to 36 percent. . . .

Fairly conservative voters said they favored [Obama] over Keyes 49 percent to 40 percent while 76 percent of moderates backed Obama compared with just 10 percent for Keyes.

Keyes sees abortion as the annihilation of our future citizens and a diabolical affront to God, and thus the major social issue. Obama’s support of abortion, in fact, was the deciding factor that brought Keyes to Illinois. A second factor is Obama’s support of gay rights, an affront to God and the destruction of the natural family structure — the bedrock of a strong society.

Perhaps the Tribune report — which mockingly refers to Keyes’ statement that Illinois’ political system “is so chronically corrupt that only and outsider like him could avoid the taint” — is simply the Tribune‘s and WGN’s way of trelling the rest of us that the 700 they surveyed are so mixed-up that most of them don’t know right from wrong. Maybe Illinois does need a prophet from outside the state to set us straight.

No Wonder Obama Won’t Debate Keyes Statewide

The struggle now is for the Republican Party to get Keyes’ message out to the residents of Illinois, since Obama won’t debate Keyes statewide, but backed down from six to two public debates.

But why should Obama want to debate Keyes? All that will do it wake up some confused voters, ready to blindly vote for Obama, and learn some truth from a real thinker with the Truth on his side, Ambassador Alan Keyes. If Obama would debate Keyes, Lincoln-Douglas style, all over the state, as he himself proposed early on, nobody would care if Keyes was from the Moon. He’d sink Obama’s cardboard ship in a hurry.

Keyes has the advantage of logic and truth on his side as well as an understanding of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Obama has gobble-de-gook. But perhaps the people of Illinois are so used to gobble-de-gook that they actually like it better than truth based on reason.

I once heard a bright College whiz comment that most Americans are too dumb to vote, anyway. I hope she wasn’t right, but sometimes you wonder when you hear people tell you why they are voting for people like John Kerry and Barack Obama.

Keyes: Victory Is for God

The two-page story on Keyes’ religious background by Cathleen Falsani in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune entitled, “The Victory is for God” is not too bad. We especially like the last paragraph where she quotes Keyes: “I rather want people to think God is on their side, because that means they know he’s watching them, and that his rules still apply to what they do. I hope that’s the result.”

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