Obama Seems To Show Genuine Concern For Individuals

On Weekend News I ended on a negative story — a man who ignored Ann’s warning his girlfriend’s abortion. We were contrasting his lack of love for his child with all the love lavished on little Noelle Bergquist, whose funeral we had attended.

But the scene at the mill actually ended on a positive note when our daughter, Annie, that very morning talked a couple out of abortion and got them help. In the end there was rejoicing in Heaven.

Hint of Humanity for Obama?

The Democrat Convention was orchestrated, contrived and boring. But the talk by Barack Obama was curious, because, unless he’s a very good actor, he projected what looked and sounded like a note of sincerity, especially when he spoke of a child poorly educated being his problem, an elderly person neglected affecting him.

These are the sort of examples we hear in pro-life talks: the child being aborted is our child, the woman suffering from abortion is our sister. This hint of genuine concern for others made us question if possibly Obama would be open to listening to some women who had abortions and regret them.

I called a man who has worked with Obama in the Illinois legislature and while he confirms that Obama firmly supports the Democrat platform, Obama has shown some genuine humanity when certain abortion bills were debated. For example, Obama voted “present” on the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, while most hardcore Democrats voted against the ban. It seemed to trouble him. At another time Obama allowed scientific evidence into an abortion case while most Democrats on committee objected to hearing it.

We hope we’re not reading too much into this show of concern for the little guy, but his talk at least showed more character than we have ever seen from a Ted Kennedy, John Kerry or John Edwards. Or maybe he’s just a good actor.

O’Reilly Slams Moore

Michael Moore, mastermind of Fahrenheit 911 about President George Bush, in a recent article by Bill O’Reilly, is described thus:

Moore wants a completely different kind of country and he’ll do anything to make that happen. With Moore the ends justify the means. He knows his statements and movies are not based on facts, but he continues to say they are. Even in Moore’s world, where truth doesn’t exist, there should be some kind of ethical standard, but there isn’t. And the fact that Howard Dean and other powerful Americans accept that situation is more troubling than anything Moore could ever say.

Terrorists Hit Iraqi Christian Churches

Islamic fanatics blew up five Catholic and Christian churches in Iraq Sunday evening during services to kill as many Christians as possible. Father Louis, a priest saying Mass at Our Lady of Salvation Church when the bomb went off, said, “It is a terrible thing to target the House of God, whether it’s Christian, Muslim or Jewish.”

There are three-quarters of a million Christians in Iraq, mostly Chaldean Roman Catholics. The Islamic insurgents seem to have “resumed their war on Christianity.” It has been going on for about fifteen hundred years.

Absurd Stem Cell Argument

For an argument of the absurd, read a column entitled “Stem Cells and the Soul” in Monday’s Chicago Tribune by Susan and Dick Thistlethwaite. The argument is that we can use embryonic stem cells for experiments and we’re not killing human beings because:

  1. a person’s dead when he doesn’t have brain waves,
  2. stem cells don’t have brain waves yet, and since you’re going to kill them they’ll never will have brain waves, so
  3. it’s ok to kill them because they’re as good as dead anyway.

Sorry Dick and Sue, but you missed Philosophy 101. Souls don’t develop. A soul is not made of parts. It’s either all there or it isn’t there at all. Nobody would be interested in embryonic stem cells if they weren’t alive. Killing them so that you can argue that they’re brain dead is preposterous. Scientists even claim they may want to use some of their cells to improve the brain.

The authors want us to settle these question in favor of using these stem cells and get on with it. Sorry, Dick and Sue, but no dice. We don’t buy your contrived argument. We still think Dr. Suisse was right after all: “A person’s a person no matter how small.”

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