The Leading Cause Of Death In The African American Community

The League has several thousand flyers to be passed out on our upcoming Face The Truth tour July 7 through 17, entitled ” What is the leading cause of death in the African American community?” AIDS, Heart Disease, Cancer, Violent Crimes, Accidents? The correct answer is none of these.

Number One Killer of African Americans

The answer is “Abortion.” The flyer explains that “more African American babies have been killed by abortion than the total number of African American deaths from all other causes combined.” It says abortion mills are deliberately placed in minority neighborhoods. 35% of abortions in the U. S. are performed on black women who represent only 12% of the female population. Black married women have 4.4 times more abortions than white married women.

So I was very interested to learn of a documentary in the making called Silent Choices, discussed in Sunday’s Chicago Sun-Times column by Mary Mitchell. Mitchell says most black women don’t talk about abortion and that outside college campuses it’s even hard to imagine black women marching in support of abortion. But Faith Pennick, a director-producer from Brooklyn NY was coming to Chicago Tuesday to promote the documentary and show a short segment to raise funds to complete it.

We sent one of our astute African American pro-lifer to check it out at the Intuit on North Milwaukee Avenue. Pennick, and almost all of the fifty people there, were pro-abortion, but our client found Pennick open to the pro-life arguments she presented. While Pennick makes no apology for being “pro-choice” she promises that Silent Choices will also include voices of pro-life black women.

Black Women Silenced on Abortion

The Mitchell article quotes pro-lifer Juluette Bartlett Pack, president of Texas Black Americans for Life, whose statistics echo those in our brochure, while she adds that while strident pro-abortion feminists cry for abortion as a right to fight for, the black community has not benefited either socially or economically from the atrocity of abortion. Pennick is doing the film, she says, because of an arguments she had with a pro-life black woman who said blacks should not fight to keep abortion legal.

While Mitchell thanks Pennick for her efforts to produce a film giving black women a chance to speak for themselves, our hope is that pro-life black women such as Dolores Greer of New York, Akua Furlow from Houston, Dr. Pam Smith of Chicago, Patricia Hunter of LEARN and Dr. Noreen Johnson, former abortionist from Texas, are in the film.

Too often black pro-life women are not allowed to give their views. Our client spoke to Pennick, reminding her that Margaret Sanger purposely worked in black communities to spread the twin evils of contraception and abortion. Pennick agreed, but said it had brought about “choice,” which she considers a good thing. Silent Choices could turn out to be an interesting documentary.

Aborting Future Voters

Monday’s Wall Street Journal Editorial, “The Empty Cradle Will Rock” by Larry Eastland, points out that the 40-some million abortions committed in the U. S. during the last 30 years is showing up in missing voters. There were more than 12 million young people of voting age missing because of abortion in the 2000 presidential election, and there will be more than 18 million missing due to abortion in the 2004 election. By 2008 there will be 24-and-a-half million missing.

How would they have voted? Social science research shows that young people usually develop their parent’s lifestyles, and vote like them. A Wirthlin poll shows nearly 20 million Democrat voters missing to 14 million Republican voters missing, giving the Democrats 6 million fewer voters. And as the trend continues, Eastland says, their abortion policy is a grim irony lost on them, for which they will pay dearly.

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