WHO Admits Large Number Of Abortion Related Deaths

Five thousand brochures were handed out Wednesday at Chicago college campuses as part of the Pro-Life Action League’s ongoing Face the Truth on Campus program. Ten sites were covered.

Summer Truth Tour July 7-17

Once again, our hat is off to the stalwarts who showed up to carry out this important mission, to educate Chicago area students and the public to the horror of abortion. This was the last of our once-a-month college campus visits, but we are now recruiting for the two-week major Face the Truth Tour to be July 7 through 17. Please call the League office for particulars as the date draws near. We will have a complete list of the 27 sites to be covered.

Four Day Vigil in Granite City, IL

Next weekend pro-lifers from across America will gather in Granite City, IL, to pray at the Hope Abortion Mill in a four-day peaceful vigil to ask God to close down this notorious death chamber that has been operating for more than thirty years.

Bill Exposes Pain of Unborn Child

The “Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act” has been filed in Congress. Senate sponsor is Sam Brownback, Republican of Kansas, and House sponsor is Rep. Chris Smith, Republican of New Jersey. The purpose of the proposal is to inform the public, and especially potential abortive mothers, of the pain experienced by unborn children being attacked by abortion.

The Senate already has 23 co-sponsors and the house, 27. More sponsors are being sought. The bill is fashioned on testimony given by University of Arkansas pediatrician Dr. Kanwaljeet Anand during the hearings on the Partial Birth Abortion Ban lawsuit.

A Zogby poll shows that 77% of the public favor laws requiring that women 20 weeks pregnant be given information about fetal pain before having an abortion. Only 16% of Americans oppose such legislation.

Both leading sponsors of the bill spoke of the inhumane treatment of the unborn — horrendous pain that would never be allowed to be inflicted on dogs, cats or pigs.

WHO Official Admits Abortion Danger

Things are pretty bad when spokesmen for your own organization admit that abortion is dangerous. At a recent international conference on population, according to “Life Advocate Briefing,” an official of the World Health Organization admitted that up to 20% of maternal deaths are due to abortion, whether legal or illegal. In other words, safe and legal aren’t necessarily synonymous.

Delegates to the convention, held in Washington DC last week, argued against Dr. Gunta Lazdane’s statement. Lazdane is European Regional Advisor to WHO on Reproductive Health and Research. What does he know?

Durbin Doesn’t Get It

In a June 3 Chicago Sun-Times commentary by Lynn Sweet, “Durbin to church: call off threats,” Sweet writes that Durbin has proposed a scorecard on “domestic, international and anti-abortion” issues, and that by using this seamless garment approach he and other pro-abortionists score much higher than pro-life candidates.

It’s the old “crazy quilt” approach to issues that totally misses the point that the right to life is the first and most important of all rights. When someone admits that he’s pro-abortion, you shouldn’t even bother to ask about the other issues. He’s already struck out.

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