How To Remain Sane in an Insane Society

How To Remain Sane in an Insane Society might be a good title for a book. It should be a best seller. Our society is insane and getting farther from sanity each day, and trying to chart a sane course through it is overwhelming.

Keeping Sane Amid the Insanity

Problems that confront us today make yesterday’s problems appear simple. A few generations ago problems were tough, but at least seemed solvable.

Today’s problems appear to be totally out of our control as battles rage over human cloning for spare parts, abortion on demand — the law of the land — assisted suicides legalized, so called same-sex marriages taking place and winning approval, blatant immorality in the media, advertising, no prayer in the schools, unplanned pregnancies and unwanted children, suicide bombers and ritual murders, editors urging over-the-counter contraceptives for children.

You get the picture. In fact, you can add a score of your own. So that’s the bulk of the book about our insane society.

What would be taxing would be to explain how to remain sane. Here’s what that section would have to contain: That the insanity can be met only with an absolute determination to fight it all, minute by minute and hour by hour.

The determination to fight abortion no matter how prevalent it is or how many politicians support it or how many doctor’s do abortions or how many women have them. The will to fight against every abortifacients drug and device the drug companies come up with. Point out their immorality and their dangers.

The vow to resist and reject and vote against and fight against every effort to the demean God’s plan for one man and one man to marry, and reject every effort to make the homosexual life style legitimate. We have to deny the existence of same-sex marriage as a monster that can’t even exist.

God Knows What He’s Doing

We must retain our sanity by bringing religion into every conversation, by speaking about the greatness of God and the beauty of His creation, and by acknowledging the Divinity of Christ, the intercessory power of prayer through Mary and the saints, the existence of angels, the Divine Plan of redemption and the value of suffering. Also, the absolute reality of Heaven and Hell, and the existence of a place called Purgatory.

To remain sane we have to have metaphysical certitude of the very real possibility that we will someday enjoy the Beatific Vision. To remain sane we must try to keep the Ten Commandments, avoid the Seven Deadly Sins, keep the Precepts of the Church and beef up the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, whether we can recite them or not.

Remember Who it was Who said that if the world hates you, it hated Him before you, and that if the world persecuted Him, it will surely persecute you. Expect to be hated and persecuted if you are trying to follow Christ.

And remember, God has big shoulders. He has put up with the human race since Adam and He may keep us around a while longer, but He knows what He is doing and in the end it all comes out right. So stay sane.

Roeser on the Bishops and Abortion

One of the best commentaries on the whole messy business of pro-abortion politicians and the bishops and Holy Communion appears in the May 20 Wanderer by Thomas F. Roeser, entitled New Poll Shows Bishops’ Failure to Impart Teaching on Abortion. Roeser shows that a new Zogby poll shows that Church leaders have not taught the reality of the evil of abortion to Catholics. And Roeser targets the likes of Fr. Andrew Greeley, and the promotion of the seamless garment of issues trotted out by so many Catholic Bishops, thinking they are being pastoral when they are only being political.

You have to read the page-one article to appreciate it. It quotes men like James Hitchcock and Rev. Richard John Neuhaus and Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln Nebraska.. It’s all part of the remaining sane program and we thank Tom for writing it and the Wanderer for publishing it.

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