FDA Defends Their Ruling On Morning After Pill

In Trenton, NJ Governor James McGreevy, a pro-abortion Catholic, has agreed not to receive Holy Communion at public services at the order of Newark Archbishop John Myers. “With abortion there can be no legitimate diversity of opinion,” Myers wrote in the Catholic Advocate.

Pro-Abort Governor Will Abstain from Communion

McGreevy said he disagrees with the Archbishop but will honor his request. McGreevy, calls it a false choice when one has to pit his faith against his constitutional obligation. McGreevy should read the U. S. Constitution. There’s no right to abortion anywhere in there. But we’re grateful to find another Bishop with guts.

NY Man Guilty of Attempted Abortion

In Troy, NY Sean Brown of Albany pleaded guilty to one count of attempted abortion and one count of assault and will be sentenced June 2 to 11 years for stabbing his girlfriend ten times when she told him she was pregnant, and one to three years for attempting abortion. The baby lived and shows no signs of injury. But attempted abortion is a crime in New York, and is described as “a miscarriage without the woman’s consent and by someone other than a licensed physician.”

DePaul Gets New President

DePaul University, with 24,000 students the largest Catholic University in the country, is getting a new President, Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, 42. We don’t envy him the job of returning DePaul to Catholicism, but trust that’s his goal. Holtschneider, a native of Detroit, has been the chief operating officer of Niagara University in Upstate New York. His new assignment takes effect in July.

Kerry-Durbin Ticket?

Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois says he is not interested in being John Kerry’s running mate, but on CNN Late Edition Sunday he said if Kerry asks him he’ll at least talk it over with his family. Durbin says he likes being the senior senator from Illinois. Many of us have a different opinion.

Celebs Raise Funds for Stem Cell Research

Among Hollywood celebrities who raised $2 million dollars recently for stem cell research for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, were Former First Lady Nancy Reagan, Dustin Hoffman, Michael J. Fox and Larry King. While these celebrities might have altruistic intentions, a moral society doesn’t generate people to be used for spare parts. When will they get it?

FDA Defends “Morning After Pill” Ruling

The Federal Food and Drug Administration is defending its decision to require a doctor’s prescription for the so-called morning after birth control pill. Dr. Steven Galson said he rejected his staff’s recommendation for over-the-counter sales since not enough is known about the negative effects the pills have on young women. Galson said he was not influenced by the Bush administration.

Pro-aborts and radical feminists are outraged by Galson’s decision, but the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops praised the decision. Cathy Clever of the USCCB said: “a drug which can destroy human embryos does not belong on the drugstore shelf.” One of the abortionists’ most ludicrous arguments is that abortifacients drugs prevent abortions.

Woman Suing Abortionist Who Wouldn’t Stop

A woman from Melbourne FL is suing the Aware Woman Center for Choice in Melbourne for going ahead with her abortion as she kept screaming for them to “Stop!” The U. S. District Court in Orlando ruled against the victim who then appealed to the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta, who threw out her case. She then appealed to the U. S. Supreme Court where it has been docketed as Case No 03-1447, Jane Roe II vs. Aware Woman Center for Choice, Inc.

Activist Calls Pro-Abort March a Pro-Life Success

Nobel Leo Morton III attended the March for Women’s Lives in Washington last month and calls it a pro-life success, since many hurting women stopped to talk to pro-lifers and many young people saw for the first time the photographs of abortion and realized what it was they were supporting. Leo says it was good that the abortionists gathered because many came into contact with compassionate pro-lifers.

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