Pro-Abort Ugliness At March

While the U. S. Courts are considering removing “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance, and won’t let kids pray in school, the ACLU is disallowing cadets at the Military Virginia Academy to pray before meals. The ACLU must really hate prayer, as they win case after case against God and prayer.

What Christian groups should do is simply ignore the Courts when it comes to prayer. Pray all you want, whenever and wherever you want.

Methodists Mull Lesbianism

The United Methodist Conference meeting in Pittsburgh is going to decide whether lesbians can be United Methodist ministers. They will decide if Rev. Karen Dammann, an active lesbian, is out of sync with Christian morality. While their answer should be a resounding “yes,” William Lawrence of Dallas doesn’t think the church is ready to break in two for the sake of morality. He wants to change the language to make their church gay friendly.

That’s the problem: morality simply change with the times. Having no core of moral values, even the sin of sodomy can be considered a good. Just read a story about Alderman Richard Mel’s daughter, Deborah, in Wednesday’s Chicago Tribune Tempo. Talk about the press as propaganda. We should thank God that we have two-thousand years of Divine Guidance in faith and morals. And while we may not be perfect, at least we know right from wrong.

Pro-Abort Marchers Turn Ugly

More on the abortion march in Washington on Sunday: One observer says thousands of demonstrators cursed a priest who was blessing the marchers, made fun of his sign of the cross, denounced God, and returned his blessing with obscene gestures. Many of the pro-aborts held Kerry signs. Pro-aborts screamed that President Bush should have been aborted, and one sign said the Pope’s mother had “No Choice.”

Parker on Abortion Ugliness

Kathleen Parker, in a July 28 Chicago Tribune column, calls the abortion march Sunday “an ugly spectacle,” and says we’ve taken our gravest contemporary concern, the sanctity of human life, and reduced it to a carnival of the grotesque.

“Rarely have so many been so unattractive in such large numbers in one place,” she writes. “The defining demeanor of the crowd was ugly and uglier. Signs were crude to pornographic. Profanity and obscene gesturing to the pro-life crowd were commonplace.”

She says she thinks the marchers’ angry words and actions were visceral reactions to the ugliest scenes of the day — the photographs of aborted fetuses at various stages of development held by pro-lifers along the way. She says it is natural to want to call abortion something positive and upbeat like “choice” rather than to linger on the image of a dismembered baby, but by whatever term we comfort ourselves, pictures don’t lie.

Pro-choicers, she says, are right to be concerned that public support is slipping for abortion-on-demand. But they are wrong to deny what is painful to see. Abortion ends a human life and that life looks an awful lot like a baby.”

Parker writes that she favors a brutal assessment of what abortion is and what abortion does. She feels compelled to add that pro-lifers are wrong to call abortionists baby-killers, and she is for legal abortion, but she does conclude that eventually abortion will eliminate itself once truth is allowed a fair and open hearing, and when women begin to admit that feminism isn’t defined only in terms of the right to abortion.

“Is it really in women’s best interest to thwart or destroy the creative force with which they are uniquely endowed?” she asks. “Bearing life is nothing to wink at.” Not a bad column, all in all.

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