Radical Pro-Aborts Attack League: And Police Let Them

We wish all of our Christian pro-life callers a Happy and Holy Triduum and Easter holiday. This is the most important Feast of them all, because it was through Christ’s suffering and death that he gained Heaven for us and his Resurrection is a promise of our own someday, if we remain true to Him. That we believe with all our heart.

Face the Truth on Spy Wednesday

Our Triduum began on Spy Wednesday — so called because that’s when we read the Gospel account of Judas’ decision to betray Christ — at two Chicago centers of higher learning, the Illinois Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois Chicago. The baby-killers were out in force, and were exceptionally gross and irrational, foul-mouthed and even making our children cry by mocking their parents for allowing them to come, and by their violent, filthy language and lying accusations.

At one point a girl dressed in black and wearing a mask threw a bottle of thick black substance on Eric and me, and then she ran. She hit me directly in the left eye which I had to get checked by an opthomologist, had to have photographed and am now using a medication for. Some of the black substance is stuck around the eye lids. Damage to my coat will cost $60 to repair, not to mention all of the other clothes.

Chicago Police at UIC Give Radicals Free Rein

We made a police report and we will follow up. While the police at the first stop showed some fairness by telling the abortionist not to cover our signs with their sheets, to which they strenuously objected, at the second stop Chicago’s finest, though out in great force, allowed the abortion crowd free reign. Some of them laughed when they saw Eric and me doused with black liquid. I suppose we did look funny.

But we give one officer credit for taking a complaint when one of our women was hit by a pro-abort, and one officer was escorting one of our crying children across the street when I took over, so they weren’t all bad.

But it’s clear that Chicago’s finest aren’t supporters of the First Amendment when it comes to pro-lifers trying to spread the pro-life message on a college campus. But we have photos of the offenders in action, a good lawyer and a first rate personal injury attorney just looking for a case like this.

“Pray for Those Who Persecute You”

Right after changing into fresh clothes I went with my daughter to see The Passion of the Christ. It was her second time, my third, and I realized better than before, Our Lord’s words to his disciples, “If they hate you, remember that they hated me first; if they persecuted me they will persecute you.”

These pro-aborts hate religion and they made vile comments about nearly everything that is sacred to us. So they desperately need prayers and one pro-abort, Jeff, even said to his swearing, screaming friends, “He’s praying for me,” pointing to me. Little did he know I really was.

Our hat, all stained with black liquid, and which I wear proudly as a battle scar, is off to those who stayed through the pushing, shoving, blocking, swearing and obscene language Wednesday. There isn’t a greater sign that we are on the side of the Lord, than to see our enemies in action. Their mouths spew hatred because we love the unborn and their mothers. We pray that they will be showered with the grace of repentance even as they mock our prayers.

We all need to repent. That’s what Good Friday is all about, repentance and forgiveness, so we can join Our Lord’s Easter Sunday triumph over evil. As Eric says, it was an appropriate way to start the Triduum. These people need our prayers. We need yours and you have ours.

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