250 Rally To Support Marriage In Springfield, IL

Two hundred and fifty advocates of traditional marriage gathered in Springfield Wednesday to protest efforts to grant special privileges to same-sex couples. Two League members attended.

Rally Supports Marriage Bill

The rally was in support of HJRCA 31, the bill saying:

Only marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized in Illinois. The uniting of persons in a civil union, domestic partnership or other similar unmarried relationship shall not be valid or recognized in Illinois.

Among speakers was a woman who once pretended to be a man and called the lifestyle ‘living hell,’ and a former homosexual man who said it is no favor to leave homosexuals in their perverted lifestyle. Richard Walsh helped organize the rally and sponsored a bus while Station WYLL also sent a bus.

Dealing with Pro-Abort Pols

Two dozen pro-lifers attended a Mass, dinner and discussion at the Mundelein Retreat House Thursday night where Fr. Frank Pavone talked on the politics of abortion. One subject discussed was how Catholic Bishops should handle pro-abortion Catholic politicians who defy the Church’s teaching on abortion.

It was interesting on Friday morning to read a story in the Chicago Tribune on this subject. The article Manya Brachear was entitled “Durbin keeps faith, despite votes” with the subtitle, “Illinois’ senior senator says he answers to constituents, even if that occasionally puts him in conflict with Roman Catholic Church teachings.”

The story says that Durbin, a strong supporter of abortion who even voted against the unborn victims of violence act, says he’ll defy church teaching whenever it is necessary to serve his constituents. Durbin says he goes to Mass at Old St. Patrick’s in Chicago because abortion opponents in Springfield protest his attendance at Mass there. At St. Pat’s their hospitality keeps him coming back.

Rev. Thomas Hurley, celebrant of the Mass Durbin attended recently, according to Brachear, said he’s faced with a dilemma that’s hard to reconcile. “There are bishops and people who would not agree with me. But I’m sorry. I’m first his priest. At the heart of it, he is first and foremost a man of faith . . . You’re not going to change hearts if you’re not going to let them in the door.” Hurley says it’s no good “beating somebody up.”

Durbin says he loves the Church, but it should keep out of politics. We are being advised to set up a demonstration in front of Old St. Patrick’s while Durbin is there. Let’s hear from our callers.

Pfleger Welcomes Pro-Abort Speaker . . . Again

Meanwhile, we hear from Joe Giganti of American Life League that Fr. Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina’s in Chicago has pro-abortion Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaking at his parish on Palm Sunday. ALL has asked Cardinal Francis George to cancel the appearance.

That should be picketed, too, but there is a limit to how many Catholic Churches you can picket on a given Sunday. Maybe we could talk the Knights of Columbus into picketing pro-abortion speakers at Catholic Churches. That would keep them busy.

Overreaching Pro-Aborts

Fr. Pavone said Thursday night the Pro-aborts were stupid to oppose legislation like a partial birth abortion ban and the unborn victims of abortion law because it takes them to court and evidence presented shows their barbarism and grizzly secrets for the all the world to see. Example: testimony of abortionist Tim Johnson, asked by Manhattan U. S. District Court Judge Richard Casey if a fetus feels pain during the abortion procedure, Johnson says he tells women that the fetus is dismembered and that he is reducing the contents of the skull, but that he never thought about whether the fetus feels pain.

Another abortionist told the court that sometimes the fetus does not immediately die after its limbs have been pulled off.

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