Joe Schiedler On The Go: Florida, Maryland

The Director will be in the Baltimore area this weekend. We’ll be speaking in Bethesda for the Knights of Columbus Thursday night, speaking to classes at Mt. de Sales, at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, at the University of Maryland, at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Cockeysville Friday, attending a demonstration Saturday, doing a couple of radio shows with Steve Peroutka, having some photo-ops and keeping busy enough to kill your average Grizzly Bear. This is a typical Jack Ames “get the most out of your speaker” special round robin and I love it — when it’s over.

Frustrated Pro-Aborts at Previous U of M Talk

Once at the U. of Maryland all the pro-aborts sat with their chairs facing the back of the room, so I started using visual aids which they were dying to look at and then said I would take questions if they raised their hands but nobody knew who I was calling on because I would simply say you, facing the back of the room. It was crazy.

They even served me with some kind of warrant that said I couldn’t speak there but I somehow dropped it on the floor and for the life of me couldn’t find it so went on and gave the talk I was apparently barred from giving. We’ll see how they behave this year. I once pledged never again to speak there, but you don’t say no to Jack Ames. The other talks are all to friendly fire. Full report Monday.

Great Trip to Florida

Ann and I just returned from Naples, FL where we spend three spectacular days with Mrs. Pro-Life, Kathleen Sullivan and husband Jerry. Kathleen seems to know every politician in the country, and has helped get some pro-life pols where they are today, in office. She has left her Glenview Chastity program, Project Reality, in good hands in the person of Libby Gray.

We also met the fabulous Carolyn Kollegger whose tape, “Not Once, Not Twice But Three Times,” tells of her three abortions and then her total conversion to pro-life and how she and her husband, Erwin, have become pro-life leaders, have five beautiful children who play the violin and write powerful pro-life essays and have the stations of the cross in their front hallway.

Carolyn attended my talk at Ave Maria College Tuesday where we ran into many old time pro-lifers like Ed and Marylyn Malone and Jim Finnegan, then walked the campus saying the rosary with Fr. Joe Fessio and about fifty students. We also visited one of the most dynamic CPC directors in the world, Beth Chase who runs a full service center complete with 3-D Ultrasound and lots of successes to her credit.

It was an eventful three days which we wouldn’t have missed for the world. We even got all the Illinois election returns on WGN television which comes in loud and clear in Naples. Some good, some bad, but Kathleen knew almost all of them by name. She is still on the phone on conference calls for many hours of her busy day.

Pro-Life Movement Weak in France

On our nearly six-hour-with-delays flight back from Ft. Myers to Chicago we were able to read scads of news magazines and newspapers and finish Jeff Cavin’s “Life on the Rock” and E. Michael Jones “Culture Wars,” and then had a long visit with French pro-life leader, Tierey LaFebre in from Paris waiting at our home when we arrived. He wants to do a Face the Truth tour in Paris but needs some help.

He says the pro-life movement in France is not strong. At present he is most interested in a pro-life truck a la Troy Newman. Many of the old guard have moved, aged or disappeared, he says.

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