CBR Key States Initiative

Thanks to Greg Cunningham of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, people in nineteen states are about to see some very graphic pictures of abortion on the highways and even up in the sky. Greg is launching the Key States Initiative to educate voters on the horrors of abortion by use of his fleet of huge box trucks with photographs of aborted babies plastered on the sides and backs of the trucks, as well as aircraft to pull large aerial billboards showing aborted babies.

Cunningham’s Key States Initiative

The states targeted are mostly those with close senate races with a pro-abortion candidate against a pro-life candidate. States targeted as meeting this description are Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon and Washington State.

Greg says his truck and airplane tactics have been highly effective in the past, but that never before will so many be concentrated in a single location at a specific time. His schedule is awesome. For example, trucks and planes will be concentrated during April mostly in Pennsylvania, a day each in Philadelphia, Allentown, Scranton, State College, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Erie.

In Illinois dates are June 4 through June 25, and will concentrate on specific days in Chicago, Rockford, Aurora, Peoria and Springfield. Each state will have specific cities targeted, beginning on Monday, Feb. 16, in Orlando, FL and covering six major cities there through March 11, then Greg’s Key States Initiative moves up to Georgia.

Gregg says he is educating future voters, too, and will display trucks and planes in front of and above middle and high schools. He says that while he tries to minimize the number of small children who will see the signs, some unintended exposure to young children is unavoidable. He points out that most children have already seen a number of upsetting images and that Democracy can flourish only where there is good journalism, but that with the issue of abortion the media have routinely suppressed the truth, making it necessary for citizens to take on the job of the media.

“If the truth about abortion is to be reported,” Cunningham says,

we must do what the press consistently did with photos of African Americans being beaten to their knees for attempting to register to vote, photos that were used to dramatize injustice and prick the collective conscience of society, and shame American before the world.

Most Americans weren’t evil, Greg argues, but they didn’t understand the full extent of racial injustice until they saw photos of it. This process changed public opinion in ways that made it possible to change public policy. Greg says it is necessary to dramatize the injustice of abortion by using images that the public cannot possibly ignore:

If we show aborted baby photos, born children may be traumatized, but if we don’t, unborn children will be killed. We care about both, but we have no doubt that the latter constitutes the greater evil. We will not be held to a First Amendment double standard.

Volunteers Needed

Greg is asking for volunteer drivers to operate his trucks. He says all his trucks have automatic transmissions and require no special drivers license. Each truck is followed closely by a security car. He also needs ground crews at local airports to help get the billboards into the air.

He is recruiting pro-lifers nationwide, and also needs financial help. To aid Greg in any way, call him at 572-777-9117 or 614-419-9000. Our hat is off to Greg Cunningham and his Center For Bio-Ethical Reform and this new, ambitious project. In our own Face the Truth Tours we do the same thing Greg is doing to bring abortion to the attention of the public.

Calling All Bishops

After seeing the recent EWTN Raymond Arroyo interview with Bishop Raymond Burke, discussing the Bishop’s decision to deny Holy Communion to pro-abortion Catholic Politicians in his former diocese of La Cross, WI, we are left with one major question: “Why doesn’t every Bishop do likewise?”

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