TFP Book Exposes Gay Agenda

The United States Federal Courts have displayed a gross dereliction of their duty to follow the Constitution. They have betrayed everything America stood for by abandoning the Natural Law on which its documents are grounded.

New Book Exposes Danger of Gay Agenda

This betrayal is put forth is a new book entitled, Defending a Higher Law: Why we Must Resist Same-Sex “Marriage” and the Homosexual Movement. The authors are from the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) and their two-hundred page book tell us America has been betrayed by its courts, causing a major crisis.

While the emphasis is on homosexuality and the conspiracy to spread this perversion nationwide through a well organized movement, its anti-Christian ideology and studied methodology could ruin the country if Christians do not join the fight valiantly right now. Higher Law shows clearly that homosexuality constitutes a major blow to America’s Christian roots, the institution of the family, and the foundation of morality on which American society was built and on which it has grown into a powerful nation.

By revealing clearly what is wrong with America with its collapse to homosexual demands, giving them special privileges, and pretending they are part of a civil rights movement, Defending a Higher Law strikes at the heel of the homosexual heresy. By showing how homosexuality is being spread across America by a well orchestrated movement, this book gives us a powerful and useful weapon for opposing their offensive, and encourages the reader to defend Christian values.

Our hat is off to TFP for this valuable weapon in the fight to defend the family, the Church, and our nation. Get a dozen copies when it come off the press in a week or two and start spreading it around. It should become one of the most important tools to start turning the country around. It is compassionate but firm, understanding but determined — It’s called “tough love.”

Pro-Lifers Still Fighting Austin Abortuary

A story on the Chicago Tribune‘s front page Monday, “New tactic in abortion battle,” discusses Chris Danze’s effort to scuttle Planned Parenthood’s plans to build an abortuary in Austin, TX. We have discussed this issue on Action News before, but the story by Howard Witt, Tribune senior correspondent, says trucks arriving at the mill now lack company markings. Even the building permit doesn’t disclose identities of subcontractors.

Witt notes the stealth nature of the construction. While the mill begun last summer drew to a halt in November, when Danze persuaded dozens of subcontractors to stop working on it, the Tribune story says work has commenced, but that all involved are being closely watched by pro-lifers who obtain the names of the new subcontractors and then spread the news. “We shut theme down for about eleven weeks,” Danze says, “which is not bad.”

Other pro-lifers across the country are planning to do the same, and the head of the Austin Planned Parenthood says they are definitely worried. “If it can happen in Austin it can happen anywhere,” she says. The story also reports that 31 states already have bans on partial birth abortion, 27 states exclude most abortions from medical assistance programs, 17 states prohibit state funded organizations from counseling for abortion and 26 states require women to get counseling and wait 24 hours for an abortion.

While abortionists try to get around these laws by ignoring them, they can be in trouble if they are caught. The story ends on what the abortionists probably think is a high note: money has been pouring in since Danze’s boycott of the Austin Planned Parenthood. The problem is, this is blood money, donated for the killing of children. They call that a victory?

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