Beautiful Pro-Life Mass And Procession In Arizona

The Directors will be in Washington, DC for the next few days for the March for Life commemorating the 31 anniversary of Roe V. Wade and at SpeakOut Illinois on Sunday at the Hyatt Regency Oakbrook, so this Action News Hotline will be on until Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience but this is a busy time of year for everyone in the Pro-Life effort.

Arizona on Fire for Life

My visit to Tucson and Phoenix AZ over the past weekend gave me renewed enthusiasm for the future of the pro-life movement.

A thousand stalwarts marched three-and-a-half miles from Mass to the Holy Hope Cemetery in Tucson where a memorial was held at the tomb of the aborted children. Besides talks there was a presentation of roses, one for each year that abortion has been legal, carried by someone born that year starting with 1973, and ending with a white rose carried by a pregnant mother whose baby will be born this year, then a flight of 31 beautiful white homing pigeons.

On Sunday I drove to Phoenix to address an outdoor rally at which I met their new bishop, Thomas J. Olmsted, who on Christmas Eve had led the rosary at Planned Parenthood’s killing center. He had told the press that while he was there to pray, he assured them that he had to stand with the most defenseless and vulnerable, and as leader of the Diocese of Phoenix he had to address the dignity of the human person. Bishop Olmsted said earlier in the Catholic Sun, “I often pray at abortion clinics because they are today’s Calvary.”

Incidentally, while in Phoenix, I spoke with my West Coast attorney, John Jakubczyk, who assured me that poor old Dr. Brian Finkle has already begun his 35 year prison term for abusing about two dozen of his patients. Doc will be 88 when released and will then have to register as a predator.

But back to the Bishops and prayers at abortion mills — the talk in Arizona, as it is all over the nation, is the statement by Bishop Raymond L. Burke to his priests in La Crosse, WI. ( Burke will soon be Archbishop of St. Louis), that priests may not give Communion to pro-abortion Catholic politicians. We had dinner with two bishops in Tucson and expressed our elation at Bishop Burke’s stand.

The Silence of the Church

Suddenly we have been deluged with calls asking for the statement made many years ago by Franky Schaeffer, which was printed in the February 28, 1985 Wanderer. Franky said then:

Any hospital or clinic which has abortion facilities, or any doctor who does them in his office, who is not picketed by the local church on a regular, continuing basis, is a doctor who might as well put over his door that this clinic is owned and operated with the approval of the local church.

Strong words, but where’s the flaw? We don’t find any.

Good Job, Troy Newman!

In other news, we were happy to write an endorsement for our good friend Troy Newman of Wichita, KS, in an ad appearing in the January 22 issue of The Wanderer. Troy, after being instrumental in closing 18 abortion mills in San Diego and talking 42 abortionists into quitting abortion, has moved to Wichita specifically to shut down Tiller’s death camp.

Troy has taken on a huge job, considering that Tiller has been in the abortion business for thirty years, advertises nationally and does such a huge business that he has put in his own crematorium to burn the bodies of the babies he aborts. Take a look at Troy’s ad on the back page of the January 22 Wanderer.

SpeakOut Illinois Sunday

If you want a great afternoon this Sunday, there’s still time to sign up for SpeakOut Illinois by calling (312) 422-9300. Sandy Rios is MC, Erika Harold is Keynote speaker and the Henry Hyde award is being given to Ann and me, undeserving as we are.

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