Activism Update

Activism Update

Clinton picketed in Ireland

When Former President Bill Clinton recently visited Dublin, Ireland to promote his autobiography, My Life, he was greeted by dozens of demonstrators from Youth Defence, who displayed graphic pictures of an aborted child with the caption, “Hey Bill, what about My Life?” Several passers-by joined the demonstration, and many left the book signing line when they were made aware of Clinton’s strong pro-abortion stance.

A Youth Defence spokesman remarked, “No country should welcome pro-abortion politicians, and you can’t get more pro-death than Bill Clinton. He has absolutely no regard for human life, and no amount of ‘public appeal’ can make up for that.”

Manager Quits Infamous Clinic

For the second time in four months, the clinic manager at Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, KS has quit her job, reports Troy Newman of Operation Rescue West. The clinic, operated by notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller, has been under pressure from ORW’s “Year of the Rebuke” campaign.

Along with praying for clinic manager Rhoda Lipscomb and personally imploring her to quit her job, ORW conducted a First Amendment outreach at an event sponsored by ProKanDo, Tiller’s political action committee. Lipscomb witnessed the large, graphic pictures of aborted babies on two “Truth Trucks” and has not been seen at the clinic since.

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Pro-Life Democrats

Despite being ignored by the mainstream media, there was a small but vocal pro-life presence within the ranks at the Democratic National Convention in Boston this summer. Some 200 members of Democrats for Life of America attended the convention in hopes of persuading fellow party members to acknowledge the humanity of unborn children and work to stop abortion.

Members of the group wore pins saying, “43% of Democrats can’t be wrong,” referring to the percentage of Democrats in recent polls who agree that abortion “destroys a human life and is manslaughter.” Jim Gluba, a pro-life Democrat running for Congress in Iowa, commented, “Democrats should be for the underdog. When you abandon your principles, you lose elections.”

Activism in Pittsburgh

Face the Truth America is making Pittsburgh a hotbed of pro-life activism. The group’s August Tour included a stop at a county park at which thirty brave pro-lifers displaying graphic abortion signs encountered fierce opposition, including threats of violence. The Bethel Park, PA Police Department, which had been notified in advance, had four units present at the site to keep the peace.

Face the Truth America is now targeting a major campaign at churchgoers. For nine weekends prior to Election Day, the group will hold signs outside twenty-five churches in the Pittsburgh area that read, “If you vote for John Kerry, more innocent babies will die.”

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